Second Post That Was Supposed To Be The First... (My Best Invention I Made)

Post date: Apr 27, 2016 2:50:04 PM

Well I've never really made to many things outside of minecraft so I might aswell make this into two parts one for real life the second part for the minecraft or the other way around, So one of my greatest inventions was a redstone contraption which was a player launcher that was double layered with custom layers of TNT where it would launch you up a bit then finished the blast from 5-10 upwards which would then displace you from your location from at least 300 blocks up to the air causing it to be the strongest one I seen since this day so I'm decently proud (I could do better today than back then...). the second part of this blog will consist me in grade 5 making a hand powered generator out of maxie glass it couldn't produce the most amount of electricity but was good enough I presume so I'm done... (I really need a outro this is getting weird).