Best Invention Ever

Post date: Apr 27, 2016 2:45:19 PM

The best invention ever was the computer because it changes so many things and changed the world so much and now everyone has one or a phone, but the phone is a miniature computer. Computers changed education, let us make it to space and made us achieve so many things especially if programmed correctly, it will never make mistakes, it's like the “ perfect human” that also never gets tired. The computer also changed people's lives making it less safe because just simply using the internet is unsafe and can get your information leaked. The computer has its ups and downs but I still think it was more of an advancement to human kind then it was a set behind. It may have made the world less safe but it also helps us in so many things like transportation, Socializing, Online games, Esports ( Internet sports). Computers have changed so much and made the world so different and advanced us so much.