The Best Thing Ever Invented Was The...

Post date: May 11, 2016 2:35:07 PM

In my opinion the best thing that was ever invented was the Internet. Why? Because with the Internet you have access to so much things. You could online

shop, play games, interact with friends from across the world, get help with homework and a lot more. The Internet was invented in the 1970s and still to this day people still use it. I think in the future the Internet will always still be frequency used. The Internet is almost everywhere. You could go to a fast food resteraunt and get free wifi. Depending on where you are, the Internet could be free or locked with a password. The Internet is probably used on a daily basis. The Internet is consumed almost everyday by most people. By going on social media you are using the Internet, by searching up something you are still using the Internet too. With all of that, that is why I think the best thing ever invented was the Internet.