My Experience at RTMS.

Post date: Jun 10, 2016 2:54:14 PM

I had a great experience at RTMS. I came to RTMS starting from grade 6, I enjoyed a lot of things here at RTMS. When I first came here I was very scared from the grade 8, but in blink of an eye I became a grade 8 student who's almost graduating and I realize that grade 8 students were once grade 6. Without RTMS I definatliy wouldn't be the person I am today. Before I came to RTMS, I was shy, scared, don't talk a lot and tried all the activities in school, but still felt like I didn't fit in. Without RTMS I wouldn't have played volleyball and loved volleyball that became to be part of my life. I wouldn't have the same personality that I have today ex. Social, bubbley , creative and responsible. I've had the most precious memories here at RTMS and this school is the meaning of a second family and you will get the feeling of belonging, I am sad that I will have to leave this year but it's all for my future but RTMS is one of the most important memories that I will treasure for me tell I grow old. I will miss everybody here at RTMS, but my experience here at RTMS was Amazing, fun, inspirational and very satisfying, but it went by so very quickly.