The best invention ever made is Volleyball

Post date: Apr 27, 2016 2:41:12 PM

Volleyball was originally created by a man named William G. Morgan, he created it 1895, Volleyball was originally called “mintonette,” William was a graduate of Springfield college of the YMCA. Since, "Mintonette" (volleyball) seemed interesting, people definitely knew that rules had to be set for people to be able to play this sport, that's when the USVBA (United States Volleyball Association) was formed in 1928. The ball itself was formed in 1900, The set and spike was introduced by the Philippians in 1916. The score changed from 21 points to 25 points in 1917. 3 hits per team and back row attacks rules were made in 1920. 1922 First tournament was held in Brooklyn and 27 teams represented 11 states. 1928 that's when all the rules were made etc.... for volleyball to become the sport that we know today it took years upon years to put everything together. The reason why I chose volleyball and thought it was the best invention because volleyball means a lot to me. It isn't just a sport I play, or a talent I practise, or a sport to develop my communication skills. All these things may be part of volleyball but volleyball is much bigger than that, it changes you to be a better person, makes you develop great learning skills, personality, characteristics. Volleyball is a passion, a dream, a way of living. Volleyball is one of these sports were you can never be perfect, you always need to practise and their is going to be lots of skills that you want to improve on and master them. Volleyball is very important to me and without it I wouldn't be the same that's why volleyball is the best , most important invention that was ever made. Thanks for reading my blog, hope you enjoyed reading it.