VISUAL Art Department

at Pres Bray

Welcome to a dynamic hub of creativity and exploration. Here you will find a small sample of works from the Art Department at Pres. Bray. It is our aim to support our students to grow into the best version of themselves that they can be.

The subject is available to Leaving Cert and is accessible to ALL. Contrary to popular myth the subject requires NO 'unique innate talent'. Every individual will grow in their understanding and skills while developing creative thinking processes. This will support them as they progress in their chosen careers to be innovative, resilient and expansive thinkers with strong Growth Mindsets.

First, our students are precious boys to be cherished. Then they are a unique mind, body and soul to be developed. We aim to contribute to the evolution of our students from boys to good men through a powerful bond between parent, teacher and student. In the art department we learn and we evolve through visual creation. Parent and child can bear witness to this growth as they watch the creative work develop.

Studio Rag

For a quick synopsis of what was going on last year in Art, take a look at our "Studio Rag" below