Voluntary Student Insurance

Voluntary Student Medical Insurance Information

Pursuant to CCSD Regulation 5154, the school district must supply information regarding the availability of student accident insurance. Please remember, this is not a school district sponsored program. We are allowing the distribution of the information for the benefit of the students and parents. The safety of our students is of critical importance to all of us and we want to protect them from injury. Even so, accidents do happen at school and elsewhere and required medical care can be expensive. Please know that Clark County School District does not assume responsibility for such costs, but does offer you access to several student accident insurance plans for voluntary purchase. 

Options are available to cover your child 24/7, anywhere in the world or you can limit coverage to school-related injuries only. The plans do not restrict your choice of doctors or hospitals. However, you’ll also have access to an extensive network of providers with discounted fees. If your child already has health coverage, the student insurance plans offered can also be used to expand choice of providers, help cover high deductibles and other co-pays with your current healthcare insurance plan.

Parents are reminded that insurance is required for student-athletes and proof of insurance must be presented for eligibility. (A completed application is not considered proof of insurance. A copy of the insurance card showing coverage should be submitted with the athletic packet.) Clark County School District is not a provider of insurance, nor does it sponsor nor endorse any particular student insurance program.

Applications and premium payments must be sent directly to Myers-Stevens and Toohey & Co.(MST) by the parent. Distribution of this information does not constitute an endorsement of this or any particular student insurance plan. The District is not being compensated in any way for distributing the information, which is being provided for informational purposes only. Any decision whether to purchase insurance must be based upon the parent's own assessment of the risk of injury or illness and the adequacy of the plan to meet their needs in the event of a covered illness or injury.

Brochures and applications are available at the link below. Printed brochures are no longer available at your student's school site. If parents have any questions regarding coverage, enrollment, premium amounts, etc., they can contact Myers-Stevens & Toohey & Co. at 1-800-827-4695.


Enroll now: Voluntary Student Accident Insurance - Online Enrollment

SCHOOL YEAR 2023 - 2024

Student Insurance Brochure and Application 2024-2025 - English

Student Insurance Brochure and Application 2024-2025 - Spanish

Student Insurance Brochure and Application 2024-2025 - Russian

Student Insurance Brochure and Application 2024-2025 - Vietnamese

Student Insurance Brochure and Application 2024-2025 - Korean

Student Insurance Brochure and Application 2024-2025 - Mandarin


If you need to file a medical claim, click here to download form Student Insurance Claim Form (Spanish). The CCSD representative with the most knowledge about the incident will need to complete the top portion of the form for all incidents occurring at school or during an athletic or other after school activity.