Welcome to Room 14

at Lincoln Elementary School!

Hello! My name is Martha Etchart and I am a teacher at Lincoln Elementary School.

Welcome to my Class Website

Across the top of this page you will find several tabs that will help you learn a bit more about how the classroom functions, my classroom expectations and my philosophy on teaching. If you hover over the tabs, additional pages will drop down. (You can also directly link by hovering over underlined words.)

You will find information about:

Please feel free to Contact Me if there is additional information you need.

Please be aware that the gradebook is online and available for parents through the Parent Connect Portal. Please see the Office manager for your password.

Through Parent Connect you can check assignments (scores and if something is missing), attendance, tardies, lunch, and contact information for your student.

Current education is changing so fast! This is not like school when we were kids!

Technology is just one of the ways that we can transform learning.

I strive to address the International Society for Technology in Education Standards - Here is a link to the website for ISTE

ISTE Website ISTE Teacher Standards

Inspiring the Learners and Leaders for Tomorrow, Today!

I have implemented a digital platform in the classroom and in doing so hope to inspire learning and creativity in my students.

One of the ways I hope to inspire students is by designing and developing digital learning opportunities. Among the pages of this website you will find links to some of the applications and learning tools we will be using to promote and support innovative thinking. I am actively seeking out new ways to present information and encourage exploration, problem solving and cooperative learning. With this in mind, we will engage in real world problem solving, practice self sufficiency and work collaboratively.

You can click the icons to reach my Twitter and Blogger sites.

These also give you a bit of insight on the ways that I help to get students excited about learning, model safety and teach the proper use of technology to my students.

I will do all I can to customize and personalize learning activities to address every students' diverse learning style.

A Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a key component for communication in the classroom. Through Google Classroom student have accessto shared documents, a way to directly communicate with eachother and a way to share their learning. It is transforming my classroom!

Click on the icon to see our Google Classroom!

Google Classroom

Here is a video that explains the benefits of using Google classroom as a method of transforming learning and the classroom as we used to know it. I am committed to preparing every student for the expectations of middle school but beyond that, the expectations of students in the 21st century.

Today's students will have different expectations of them in the next 10 years. Being digitally competent will be a key factor in preparing students for these expectations.