Creating synergistic benefits to social, ecologic, and economic systems through accessible, high-quality education for all.

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District Sustainability Progress

The District has multiple sustainability goals across the energy, waste, and water nexus. Progress towards these goals is measured on an annual basis to celebrate our successes and identify areas of improvement.

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Environmental Justice

As a community college district, SMCCCD strives to increase access to educational resources and empower students to become decision-makers for equitable climate change solutions. Understanding and applying environmental justice principles is critical to that mission.

Campus as a Living Lab

Embracing an active learning environment, students partner with staff and faculty to gain hands-on experience solving sustainability issues. See how you can bring hands-on sustainability learning to your classroom. mmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmm

From District emissions inventories to campus engagement events, the SMCCCD Sustainability Team is active in many different parts of the District community.

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The Sustainability Team is a lively bunch of driven individuals passionate about realizing sustainable change at SMCCCD through student, staff, and faculty engagement.

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The Sustainability Team approaches sustainable change-making across nine different programs ranging from curriculum integration to global climate action.

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Want to take part in sustainability change-making at SMCCCD? Interested in incorporating sustainability projects and learning into your curriculum? Looking for an internship in sustainability?

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Featured Content

We are proud to share a video created by one of our 2020 Energize Colleges student interns, Safwan Fahim, to ask questions about what sustainability means and how to get involved.