Senior Seminar

Course Description

The intent of Senior Culminating Project (Senior Seminar) is to insure that each student from Mashpee High School demonstrates his or her achievement of the Expectations for Student Learning as described in the MHS Mission statement. The National Commission on the High School Senior Year recommends Senior Projects (2001).

The MHS Senior Seminar is intended to allow students to organize, synthesize, and communicate their accumulated knowledge of a topic that reflects personal interests and future goals as their Senior Project. The Senior Project represents a culmination of work in several subject areas that will include research, writing and performance pieces.

The project will consist of the following four components:

  • A Comprehensive Research Paper
  • A Physical Demonstration/Project
  • A Portfolio Notebook/Evidence
  • An Oral Presentation

The Senior Seminar is a full year course that is designed to allow students the time to complete their Senior Project. The successful completion of Senior Seminar and a Senior Project is a graduation requirement at Mashpee High School. You will earn honors level elective credit. Rubrics incorporating the Expectations for Student Learning will assess the project. Your enrollment in this course is your commitment to complete all course requirements.