Women's Studies

“Women’s greatest struggles has been that their history has not been preserved, and so each generation has had to rediscover over and over again the ideas and the individuals that gave it strength. “

Ann Braude, Ph.D. Director of the Women’s Studies in Religion Program and Senior Lecturer on American Religious History at Harvard Divinity School

Course Content

Women Studies will be learning the concept that gender and the tools of history go together. To move past the notion that what it means to be a woman never changes, it is necessary to look to the varying settings in which people assume female and male roles, with all their attendant expectations. Definitions of femininity and masculinity, family structures, what work is considered properly female or male, understandings of motherhood and of marriage, and women’s involvement in public affairs all vary across time, are subject to large forces like economic development and warfare, and can themselves shape the direction of history.

Students will study the three waves of feminism in the United States, as well as how American women have influenced women around the world. We will learn and discuss global issues women are facing around the world.