Private Equity Mortgage (PEM®) Investor-Lender  

Private Equity Mortgage (PEM®) Investor-Lender

MortgageQuote Private Equity Wealth:,;

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Be the Bank®

"Create Your Wealth, Protect Your Wealth: BE THE LENDER™"

As an MQCC investor-lender: Sleep well at night.™

(services available to all persons, from any country)

The world's first peer-to-peer (P2P)/crypto/private/secret/shadow financial network registered continuously to ISO 9001:2000, ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 9001:2015 since May 9, 2008.

Private Equity Mortgage (PEM®) Investor-Lender



Private Equity Mortgage (PEM®) Investor-Lender

MortgageQuote Private Equity Wealth:,;

Welcome to the <1%.

Be the Bank®

"Create Your Wealth, Protect Your Wealth: BE THE LENDER™"

As an MQCC investor-lender: Sleep well at night.™

(services available to all persons, from any country)

The world's first peer-to-peer (P2P)/crypto/private/secret/shadow financial network registered continuously to ISO 9001:2000, ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 9001:2015 since May 9, 2008.

Private Equity Mortgage (PEM®) Investor-Lender



Founding member of:  

True Private Lenders, True Private Lending®  

Safe, Secure Wealth Growth by DIRECT LENDING through PRIVATE EQUITY MORTGAGE INVESTING, Really Works!

MQCC bills itself as the "Multi-Generation Wealth Company". If leaving a legacy and multi-generational wealth is important to you? Then YOU need a Mortgage ISP.

Do you deserve better than average investment returns and lower than average investment risk? Then YOU need a Mortgage ISP.

The Mortgage Income & Savings Plan: Mortgage ISP:  For hundreds of years, generations of families throughout the world have invested their private wealth and earned above average returns with low volatility through loaning money secured by real estate -- and so should you. 

At MQCC, we discovered if you demand to control your investment future with a focus on fully secured, stable, multi-generational wealth; hundreds of years of history proves that less reliance on the public markets (or pooled investing) and greater reliance on direct mortgage investing, is your the proven choice. 

MQCC also discovered the principles of "lossless investing; because in "private lending" for mortgages, the concept of "loss" differs from public markets due to income tax treatment.   Learn about the origination (formation) of the terminology at the Private Equity Mortgage Institute PEM® Glossary page for the term LOSSLESS  here; or email the President to learn more; at Here is a brief summary:

If worse comes to worst and you enforce your security interest through a foreclosure process then, as a registered mortgagee, normally you have the right to take possession of the asset in lieu of repayment of the mortgage; when this happens your principal is now converted from a debt instrument asset to a title ownership asset. In this case, if the property is worth less than the combined value of the loans on the property, then Canadian Revenue Agency permits the investor-lender to retain ownership of the asset, enjoy the benefits of ownership (ongoing monthly rental income, increased value due to property improvement, increased value due to property development) until such time as the investor chooses to sell the property at a value higher than the original investment, resulting in a capital gain. In "private equity mortgage" lending, loss is often a choice. CAVEAT: as with all things, there are uncertainties that are not mitigated by third party tools (ie: property insurance, title insurance), namely: super-priority of withholding taxes due to CRA by business owners - but this is a rare event and can be mitigated at the time of underwriting; see your tax advisor, accountant or C-PEM®-P for professional advice.

Certified Quality Management in Investing: an Engineering, Actuarial and Professional Approach

Leveraging the MQCC Unified Quality Management System (uQMS) which is built upon a combination of proprietary and patent-pending technology that integrates the following three concepts:

MQCC investor-lenders get the benefit of an investment approach that is commonly used in the disciplines of engineering, actuarial sciences and similar professional domains.

MQCC investor-lender services are marketed by a devoted team of PEMI® Certified Private Equity Mortgage Professionals CPEMP™ working within our MQCC Private Equity Mortgage Investment Division.

MortgageQuote Canada Corp.: Bringing Certified Levels of Safety, Reliability and Good Quality to the Investor World

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See Chart, below named:   Private Equity Mortgage (PEM®) Average Yields versus Other Yields: Current Average Yields.


Private Equity Mortgage (PEM®) Average Yields versus Other Yields - 2009 to 2021+

Private Equity Mortgage (PEM®) Average Yields versus Other Yields - 2009 to 2019

See the Numbers

34.14% is #CompoundAnnualGrowthRate (#CAGR) from 2009 to 2017 for #MQCC #investor#math& #actuary. #ISO9001 #QualityMatters #uQMS#Reality  Based upon Annual Percentage Rates (APR).

30.821% Avg #ROI from 08/09/2009 to 15/06/2017- over 9 yrs - from #leadership of Anoop Bungay #Founder, #MQCC. #BetheLender#uQMS#Reality  Based upon Annual Percentage Rates (APR).


See what over 11 years of Fiduciary Class™ brand of finance has returned (Return-On-Investment ROI) for global investors. Built on consumer safety, source origination trademark "Principles of 'BlockChain'"™.


Visit MQCC Doubling Calculator™ to learn more.

1. Canadian Dollars

2. % Returns are before MQCC Asset Owner and MQCC Intellectual Property Rights Licensing Fees

3. Canadian Dollars

4. Primarily Fully Secured, free trading, non-public market, primary, direct, land title-secured securities

5. Primarily Non-Bank, Non-Institutional, Non-Syndicated, Non-Regulated or Regulatory Exempt, Free Trading Finance; also known as Peer-to-Peer (P2P)/Private/Crypto/Secret/Shadow Finance (visit to learn more.


Visit MQCC Doubling Calculator™ to learn more.

1. Canadian Dollars

2. % Returns are before MQCC Asset Owner and MQCC Intellectual Property Rights Licensing Fees

3. Canadian Dollars

4. Primarily Fully Secured, free trading, non-public market, primary, direct, land title-secured securities

5. Primarily Non-Bank, Non-Institutional, Non-Syndicated, Non-Regulated or Regulatory Exempt, Free Trading Finance; also known as Peer-to-Peer (P2P)/Private/Crypto/Secret/Shadow Finance (visit to learn more.

MQCC Free Trading Private Equity (FTPE™); Like a GIC Investment or a BOND Investment, but BETTER, SAFER and MORE EFFICIENT


Inform Yourself 

Inform Yourself: Mortgage Income & Savings Plans (Mortgage ISP™)

Do you deserve better than average investment returns and lower than average investment risk? Then YOU need a Mortgage ISP™.

Mortgage ISP™: Mortgage Income & Savings Plan.

Government Registered & Un-Registered Plans; Growth from Income or Savings (or both)

Investing directly in mortgages might be different than any investment you’ve made before, so it's very important to understand some key points. Unlike government regulated investment vehicles, investing in mortgages is considered both simple and safe (which is why you do not government mandated securities documents like Offering Memorandum's or Prospectus documents);  you get complete control of your investing approach. Visit PEMI®.ca to learn more.

Direct Lending Investor Services: Wealth By Mortgage- Private Equity Mortgage Investments & Lending: Grow™

Allow us to introduce to you, the oldest, proven investment business in world history: lending secured by real estate.

Earn Fully-Secured, Passive Investment Returns Every 24 hours from Day 1 to Maturity!™

Unlike the stock markets which are only 100 years old and force generations of investors to "invest for the long term", for a payback of maybe 8% over 50 YEARS - if you're lucky [ See Credit Suisse report, below], Private Lending is based upon interest and interest calculations, which are calculated on a daily basis, every 24 hours. For hundreds of years, historical lending secured by real estate gives returns of 12% and higher, starting within 24 hours of investing your money.  There is no comparison. STOP THE MADNESS™  - why go through decades of volatility with market uncertainty caused by crashes, ultra efficient competing players like hi-frequency traders and a world where only the hedge fund managers Senior Management of public companies and insiders seem to be making all of the money in the current year, and you are forced to wait for the future, when can have certainty and control from Day 1.  

Invest through MortgageQuote. The world's only certified ISO 9001:2015 quality management investment house for the scope of Mortgage Banking and Mortgage Brokerage Operations. Investors: Trust the Process, not the Person. Earn Fully-Secured, Passive Investment Returns Every 24 hours from Day 1 to Maturity!™


Direct Mortgage Investing: Better Yields and Less Risk than the Stock Market

Direct Mortgage Investing: Better Yields and Less Risk than the Stock Market

Invest some of your surplus, accumulated wealth in mortgages and generate better annual yields - with far less risk - than the market.

And 100 years is not much better (and sometimes worse); Credit Suisse says:

Visit PEMX for our private equity mortgage returns.

NOTE: The total return version reflects the effects of dividend reinvestment. Finally, the net total return version reflects the effects of dividend reinvestment after the deduction of withholding tax.  Source.

A good S&P500 calculator is here.

Our Investor-Lenders generate greater returns in 1 year than what the capital markets will offer over multiple years, with less risk.

Better yields and less risk than the nouveau stock market. Learn More


Financial Institution: Peer-to-Peer (P2P) & Private Lending Business Channel

Banks, Credit Unions, Financial Institutions; don't miss out on the "B-20-Boom" in Peer-to-Peer (P2P) and Private Lending.

Click here for the Bank and Financial Institution Channel Program.


Family Office * Wealth * Stewardship  

Lazy Proof, Crazy Proof & Divorce Proof your Children™: 

Current-term multigenerational wealth transfer and long-term multigenerational wealth management

Read the Blog Article at


National and International Standards-Class (NISC™)  Risk-Based ISO 9001:2015:

Advanced BE THE BANK® Systems, Technology, Services and Products for Family Office, Wealth & Stewardship

* Generate a range of returns from 7% -  12%+ , year over year, consistently 

*Better yields and less risk than the stock market.   No Public Market Volatility

* Fully secured by real estate, in YOUR personal name or YOUR Captive Investment Corporation name

* Bypass stock market volatility and related risk

* Your own private banking & credit system 

* Fully regulated by federal, sovereign, provincial or state authorities in our jurisdictions-of-interest

* 100% Absolute Investor Control - we do not touch your money; the money stays with you or your lawyer's control (under your direction), at all times

* A very simple business - no need to financial jargon and rhetoric

* Fully Secured Debt Instruments - secured by title to real estate

* Market Exempt, Free Trading Securities

* Global marketplace 

* Monthly coupon payments (monthly income)

* Lump sum payment upon maturity

* Low beta; Custom Nominal Rates; Custom Discounts; Custom Terms

* Perfect for investors who understand real estate-as-an-investment or those individuals with an understanding of the legal system or have a background in law 

* Established rules of law covering: origination, security registration, default management and security enforcement

* Easily maintained by your surviving spouse, adult children, trustees, executors or assigns

* Multiple business models: Passive (investing) and Active (lending) methods 

* Marketed through licensed, quality managed mortgage brokers, world wide (

*Peer-to-Peer Lending Compliant

*Built on seminal "Principles of 'BlockChain'".

* Integrates - if needed - traditional resources used by regulated entities including:

- Retail Applicant Intake Process

- Corporate Applicant Investment and Project Underwriting

- Know Your Client (KYC) processes/identity verification

- Common Reporting Standards (CRS) processes

- Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) processes

- Regulator: Canadian Securities Administrators CSA reporting requirements

- Regulator: Mortgage Broker Regulatory Council of Canada reporting requirements

- Investor reporting requirements (continuous disclosure and CRM2 equivalent disclosure of captive entity) - so you know your employees or managers are being prudent with your principal.

* Regulatory Notice

Risk, Regulatory Compliance, Accreditation & Education

*Finance and legal professionals who work in accordance with utmost good faith and with the Model Code of Conduct developed by the Federation of Law Societies of Canada (Alberta Law Society, Law Society of Upper Canada (Ontario), or Law Society of BCPrivate Equity Mortgage Institute PEMI®  Code of Conduct.

SOURCE: PEMX: Industry Education - Used with permission.

Direct Private Mortgage Investment-Lending



Why Private Equity Mortgage Investing? 

The Power of Private Lending®,  

The Power of Equity®,  

Be The Bank®

MQCC™ helps you GROW®

Since before 2005, the internal management and subsequent, publicly stated theme for MortgageQuote Canada Corp. and it's stakeholder's is to GROWTM. It's more than a word; it's a philosophy.

The whole point of being alive is to grow, to improve and to better yourself from the moment before.

With the MortgageQuote Canada Corp. certification as an ISO 9001 quality managed company and our expertise in peer-to-peer lending, we not only seek to improve on a continual basis, we seek to GROWTM. 

Learn More about ISO 9001 (Quality Management, Continuous Improvement).

Learn More about Peer-to-Peer Lending (, MQCC and PEMI®'s enforcement agent).

GROWTM: That's what the humans are designed do, that's definitely what good companies do, and that's what exactly well-educated investor's seek. Makes you want to Live a Life Worth Living- doesn't it?

Fully Secured Cashflows with Principal Repayment

One excellent method of investing is to participate in the Private Mortgage Investment sector. Mortgages are essentially bond instruments that provide investors current income (monthly payments) and principal appreciation at maturity (lender discount). 

By investing in mortgage securities, you get monthly coupon payments and upon maturity of the mortgage term, the investor gets their principal returned along with any lender discount that might have been applied at the time of origination.

Better than Investing in Companies or Pooled Investments: No hiding behind an Offering Memorandum or Prospectus

Why in invest in a company's shares? Can you really trust the company management? Remember Enron? Volkswagen? Bre-X? and so many more. No Offering Memorandum, No Prospectus; only freedom and control.

If you pool your funds with other investors and then let another person decide what to do with your money i is that good for you? You lose more than freedom and control -- you can even lose your principal.

Learn more (register to learn more)

Private Mortgage Investing is for everyone

The Sahukaar's of India, Fangzhai of China, Merchants of Europe; these networks of individuals and families have loaned money secured by real estate (private mortgage lender) for hundreds of years. You can too.

In today's world, anybody who has saved up some money can become a private mortgage lender. All you need are some basic training, a law firm and Investor Services.

Risk, Regulatory Conformity, Accreditation & Education

All primary mortgage securities investment or lending transactions are Private Equity Mortgage Institute's PEMI®: Peer to peer lending compliant.

Learn more  (register to learn more)

Mortgages are everywhere

Private mortgage investing is a worldwide practice and an excellent way to invest your money for both the short term and the long term. 

Mortgage security lasts forever

Unlike investments in non-mortgage instruments, mortgage security is registered on real estate via a land titles registry or escrow system, so it effectively "lasts forever" or, until your money is repaid to you or you take ownership of the secured real estate. This high level of control is achieved because your investment capital is secured against corresponding real estate and your interest in the property will remain until the mortgage "dies".  Death of a mortgage security investment happens by either repayment of the original principal (along with accrued interest) or, when the underlying property is sold and all registered debts (mortgages, property taxes, liens) are paid.

Mortgage security gives you full control

When you are a mortgagee registered on title, you have full control with respect to what happens with the underlying property. If the property owner is in default and the property goes into foreclosure, as a mortgagee, you have several options, namely: you can sit back and watch the proceedings from the sidelines, or you can effect your own transaction and control the process of how the asset is liquidated. For example, if the property is listed for sale due to non-payment taxes (pursuant to a super-priority interest registered by the taxation authorities), you, as the mortgagee, have the ability to choose to pay the taxes on behalf of the mortgagor. You may also simply choose to allow the property to go into foreclosure and ultimately, judicial sale (conduct of sale) -- no problem. You might also choose to negotiate with the mortgagor in order to transfer the property into your name and offer mortgagor to lease the property back, or agree to sell it. When it comes to mortgage security, you have full control and can make decisions with respect to the asset based upon what suits you.

Benefits of Private Mortgage Investing

Visit: to learn more about the benefits of private mortgage investing.

Benefits of MQCC Systems including the PEMX® Terminal

MQCC: Systems; Built First and Built to Last.

* An information and transaction exchange system created by private mortgage investors, for private mortgage investors.

* Cloud based Mortgage Origination & Investment Administration System

* Access to mortgage transactions originated by mortgage brokers throughout the world (

* Zero Defect Policy: Internationally recognized quality management system (ISO 9001:2015) ensures errors and omissions are reduced or eliminated.

* Steady supply of mortgage investment opportunities that are organized in a uniform and coherent manner.

* Invest, divest or exchange private mortgage security instruments with other private mortgage investors throughout the world with EP5, our proprietary private mortgage exchange platform.

* Gain from our underwriting experience: APLUS® a proprietary equity mortgage underwriting and risk assessment system helps you make good investmemt decisions.

* Intuitive, easy-to-read Mortgage Investor Dashboard (track your applicants, current and past borrowers, lawyers, title companies, appraisers, inspectors, unsigned and signed origination and security and registration documents in one central location).

* Our one-of-a-kind approach gives any private mortgage investor/lender the very best in quality organization, systems, performance and results.


Where to find a quality managed, licensed private mortgage broker?  As an investor, it is best to work with mortgage brokers who are licensed in a jurisdiction that you would like to invest in and have instituted rigorous quality management systems in order minimize errors and omissions. Through the PEMX Mortgage Exchange, has established standing and ad hoc relationships with licensed private mortgage brokers in the following countries:

Standing Relationships:


Benefits of investing in Canada and Canadian Mortgage Instruments

 ad hoc Relationships:


United Kingdom

United States

How to contact a quality managed, licensed private mortgage broker:

Regulatory Authorities

Within our Jurisdictions-of-Interest; when investing in a credit instrument anywhere, in any jurisdiction always use a lawyer who is licensed to practice in your jurisdiction-of-interest.


Federal Authority:

Australian Securities and Investments Commission


Federal Authority:

Department of Finance

Most provinces or territories have there own regulatory body

United Kingdom

Federal Authority:

FCA Financial Conduct Authority

United States

Principal Federal Authority:

U.S. Department of the Treasury

There are other federal authorities that have an input

Most states have there own regulatory body

Additional Reading

Risk Reduction through Conformity: PEM® Institute

Risk Reduction through Quality Standards: PEM® Institute

WHY: Canada

International Investors: Benefits of Canada-Mortgages & MQCC

HOW: How to Invest Your Money 

If Quality in your Investment Activity is important to you: MortgageQuote Canada Corp. (MQCC) is your only Globally Trusted Advisor

As explained at our MQCC investor-lenders page, direct private lending secured by real estate is hundreds of years old however as with all investments, you need professional guidance. As explained on page 1 of our company website, MortgageQuote Canada Corp. is the world leader in certified statutory, regulatory and process (SRP™) compliant financial services. We have pioneered safeguards in accordance with the National Standard for Quality Management of over 119 countries, to enable our MortgageQuote investors to generate above average returns with zero comparative public market volatility. And sleep well at night.

Since 2008, no other Canadian Bank, Financial Institution, Lender, Fiduciary and Non-Fiduciary Investment Advisor/Broker and FinTech is able to make this claim. As a consumer, investor, regulator or stakeholder in Canada's finance sector, given today's market conditions in the finance sector, we trust you agree that it's a claim worth making. 

Non-Registered Investment Funds

Free trading cash; any fund that is not subject to Canada Revenue Agency authority.

Registered Investment Funds 

What are Registered Funds? According to Canada Revenue Agency (CRA):

"An RRSP (Registered Retirement Savings Plan) is a retirement savings plan that you establish, that we register, and to which you or your spouse or common-law partner contribute. Deductible RRSP contributions can be used to reduce your tax.

Any income you earn in the RRSP is usually exempt from tax as long as the funds remain in the plan; you generally have to pay tax when you receive payments from the plan." Source.

Visit the page

Captive Investment Corporation (Captive Fund)

Prospectus Exempt, private or privately controlled entities, including>

Trust Companies (Mutual Fund Trusts), Mortgage Investment Corporations (MIC), Mortgage Investment Entities (MIE)  

The way to deploy your money is to retain the services of a trust company; who holds your cash in in trust for you, until you decide to loan money on a private mortgage opportunity. 

MQCC provides you with upgraded BE THE BANK® systems, technology, services and products that gives you the necessay

Please see your tax lawyer, accountant or other professional for details.

MortgageQuote will arrange all your requirements (in association with your legal counsel, if need be).

email underwriting[at] for details.


What makes us great for investor-lenders and why work with us?

Investor-Lender Services  


Get Started Now

How do you get started? 

It's easy to get started but please remember something, as in all things in life, you simply can't start something new and expect to know everything in one day. Further, learning new skills and doing things in a new way does not come without cost; cost in terms of time and money.

For those of you who are already well-versed in private equity mortgage lending, many of these concepts may already be known by you, however MortgageQuote is famous for providing it's stakeholders (applicants, borrowers, investor-lenders, brokers) a QualitySafe™ ecosystem within which to work, so it is critically important that no matter your level of experience and expertise, we require that you adhere to the MortgageQuote  systematic approach. 

There are several pathways to get started. 

Pathway 1 - Learn First (Education Process)

Step 1.1 

Go to the MortgageQuote Academy ( and signup to take the requisite courses including but not limited to:

Introduction to Canada Private Equity Mortgage (PEM) Industry (MQCC-1000)


PEMI® Investor-Lender Self-Assessment (MQCC-1020)

Step 1.2 

See if you are both interested and qualify to open an investor-lender account with MortageQuote. Register, pay your registration fee and get started to receive private equity mortgage investment opportunities. 

We will guide you through the process. 

Step 1.3

Reap the benefits.

Pathway 2 - Start Earning (Intake Process)

Step 2.1 

email to schedule an appointment to communicate with a Certified Private Equity Mortgage Professional (C-PEMP®). Communication will occur either by email or by telephone, depending upon availability.

Step 2.2 

See if you are both interested and qualify to open an investor-lender account with MortageQuote. Complete the Intake process (see below) which includes payment of your registration fee and get started to receive private equity mortgage investment opportunities. 

We will guide you through the process. 

Step 2.3

Reap the benefits.

Step 2.2 - The MQCC Intake Process Explained

The MQCC Investor-Lender Intake Process (ILIP) is designed to ensure that all statutory, regulatory and process (SRP) requirements are conformed to. The purpose of conformity is to ensure all parties are safeguarded pursuant to the expectations of the regulators and the hopes and dreams of the mortgage borrowers and you, the investor-lender.

Some aspects of MQCC ILIP  include:

a) completion of "know your client" formalities; MQCC cannot simply let "anyone" become a private lender. You must be able to demonstrate that you have the financial ability to become a private lender and MQCC discovers your ability to qualify from this part of the intake process.

b) discussion of your lending objectives and your related parties (assistants, lawyers, beneficiaries).

c) completion of contract and fiduciary forms.

d) payment of account opening and related fees including first year registration fees.

Register with MQCC to learn more.

MQCC Services What It Sells Program

WHO Else?

Invest and Divest in Primary Mortgage Securities through the PEMX Private Equity Mortgage Exchange® 

Wealth Control & Reporting


Estate Planning & Management

For your children, your extended family, a charitable purpose: pay it forward.

Offshore Wealth & Finance

Visit to learn more.


Economic Immigration, Multiple Citizenship

Visit to for general information. 

SOURCE: PEMX: Industry Education - Used with permission. 

Stewardship & Continuity Management


MQCC: "The Multi-Generation Wealth Company"

MQCC Multi Generation Management Continuity Systems (MGMCS)

Quality Management & Business Continuity Systems

Quality Management & Business Continuity Systems

All organizations that operate over the long term whether they are a family business, a family trust, public company or non-government organization or government organization, owe their success to established organizational systems including: policies & procedures and quality management systems. Without either, you will end up with an organization that operates without guidelines and is subject to unpredictable outcomes. Unpredictability is a lack of operational stability and poor operational stability will at almost all times, result in losses or organizational collapse. For these reasons, we recommend that our clients look at operating their organizations (businesses (family owned or otherwise), foundations, or trusts, in a manner that includes a quality management system and business continuity management system.  At, we apply the principals of ISO. ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is a Switzerland based "developer of voluntary International Standards". These standards help organizations become "more efficient and effective" for the long term (

ISO 9001 Quality Management

Ensures an organisation has implemented a management system to ensure that "it does what it says and it says what it does". This functional approach ensures that an organization's goals are met for the long term by maintaining day-to-day practices that reduce errors and omissions: the most common cause of failure.

ISO abstract:

An organization "needs to demonstrate its ability to consistently provide product that meets customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements, and

aims to enhance customer satisfaction through the effective application of the system, including processes for continual improvement of the system and the assurance of conformity to customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

All requirements of ISO 9001:2015 are generic and are intended to be applicable to all organizations, regardless of type, size and product provided."

ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management

Ensures an organization has process in place to ensure its operational integrity during times of crisis so that it flourishes into the future.

ISO abstract:

An organization needs "to plan, establish, implement, operate, monitor, review, maintain and continually improve a documented management system to protect against, reduce the likelihood of occurrence, prepare for, respond to, and recover from disruptive incidents when they arise.

The requirements specified in ISO 22301:2012 are generic and intended to be applicable to all organizations, or parts thereof, regardless of type, size and nature of the organization. The extent of application of these requirements depends on the organization's operating environment and complexity."

Integrated design, implementation and management of quality and business operating systems

We believe in the principals of quality management strongly enough that we too are ISO 9001:2008 registered ( With this experience, we are able to help your organization establish similar processes to ensure you are set for multi-generational existence.

 Mortgage Investor's Dashboard (PEMX® Terminal)

The Mortgage Investor's Dashboard is a fully integrated, cloud based Mortgage Origination & Investment Administration System.

- track your applicants

- current and past borrowers

- lawyers

- title companies

- appraisers

- inspectors -

- unsigned and signed origination and security and registration documents

- administer files based upon status: Active, Inactive, Default, Enforcement

- manage files based upon stage: origination, underwriting, collections, disbursement, redemption

All in one central location.

This easy-to-use system enables you to manage and control your mortgage investments from anywhere in the world. 

Contact us to learn more

MQCC Investor-Lender™ Service Department

MQCC Service What You Buy™ Program 

 Welcome to the MQCC Investor-Lender™ Service Department.

MQCC services what it sells and the trademark MQCC Service What You Buy™ program is designed for an MQCC Investor-Lender™ who serves in the role of:

For services related to any product or service that MQCC offers its Investor-Lenders, including:

Cost for service may or may not be included in your current relationship package with MQCC. See your MQCC Business Development Officer for details. Current hourly service shop rate is found at

People Investing in People®

Investor Log In

To log in and view your private mortgage investment(s), ask your Business Development Officer for your login credentials or email underwriting [at] for support.

STEP 1: Login

If you have your login credentials, first login via google sign-in page here, then go to next step, below.

Cannot Sign-In? Forgot your Username or Password? Click here for detailed instructions including a step-by-step guide.

STEP 2: Go to Mortgage Investor Dashboard

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