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For hundreds of years, generations of families throughout the world have invested their private wealth through loaning money secured by real estate -- and so should you. 

* Generate 12%+ investment returns, year over year, consistently  
    Better yields and less risk than the stock market.  
* Fully secured by real estate, in YOUR name

* Bypass stock market volatility and related risk

* Your own private banking & credit system 

* Fully regulated by federal, sovereign, provincial or state authorities in our jurisdictions-of-interest

* 100% Absolute Investor Control - we do not touch your money; the money stays with you or your lawyer's control (under your direction), at all times

* A very simple business - no need to financial jargon and rhetoric

* Fully Secured Debt Instruments - secured by title to real estate

* Market Exempt, Free Trading Securities

* Global marketplace 

* Monthly coupon payments (monthly income)

* Lump sum payment upon maturity

* Low beta; Custom Nominal Rates; Custom Discounts; Custom Terms

* Perfect for investors who understand real estate-as-an-investment or those individuals with an understanding of the legal system or have a background in law 

* Established rules of law covering: origination, security registration, default management and security enforcement

* Easily maintained by your surviving spouse, adult children, trustees, executors or assigns

* Multiple business models: Passive (investing) and Active (lending) methods 

* Marketed through licensed, quality managed mortgage brokers, world wide

Private Equity Mortgage Institute (PEMI): Professional, Executive and Continuing Education

Private Equity Mortgage Institute

PEMI-Certified Training:

Learn the Business (the right way)
Train your Employees
Start a New Revenue Division
Be the BankTM

Industry Terms

Some industry terms are specific to the private equity mortgage industry and are defined by the Private Equity Mortgage Institute (PEMI)®

Visit Industry Terms to see a the defined terms.