Appearing online June 8, 2008, PEMX® is a member of MQCC™, the Global Network Administrator of the world's  safest financial network of quality managed exchanges for trading in fiat and non-fiat digital finance. Including: 

    • private electronic asset securities: "cryptoasset"
      • bitcoin or other form of cryptocurrency 
      • any electronic form or representation of "a tangible or intangible item of value"
    • private electronic debt securities: "cryptodebt"
      • BITMORTGAGE® brand of debt instrument or other form of cryptocreditfacility
      • any electronic form or representation of "a secured or unsecured financial obligation"

MQCC™ systems and technology is designed for the origination and trade of regulated, non-regulatedand regulatory exempt digital financial securities by investorslenders and intermediaries; and continually registered since May 9, 2008, to the National Standard for Quality Management Systems of 119 countries; MQCC: the name trusted by legislators, regulators, regulatees, customers, prospective customers and the general public, globally. 

Safe - Reliable - Good™

Bringing accessibilityliquidity and quality to the oft-hidden: Private (Non-Bank, Non-Institutional, Non-Syndicated, Non-Regulated) Digital Financial Markets within a QualitySafeTM system.

The world's safest cryptocurrency and higher-level™ cryptofinancial products exchange platform.


MQCC Bitcoin Index™

NOTE: Bitcoin is the generic term for a specific type of cryptocurrency.

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Now trading the BITMORTGAGE® trademarked 

Brand of Peer-to-Peer (& Private) Real Estate Finance and Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash (Cryptocurrency) primary debt instruments.




NOTE: BITMORTGAGE® is the registered trademark brand name for a specific type of cryptodebt.

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Jurisdictions we support: Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, United States
*Market  Yields SourceLive Chart (actuarial use only) 
Mortgage returns are comprised of both nominal rate and discount*.

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