MQCC® INDIGENOS™:  Indigenous Higher-level (Meta) Operating System (MOS™)


Your Higher-level (Meta) Operating System (MOS™) for the World's Indigenous Communities.

Transforming the promise of prosperity to a real-world prosperity to your life and your family for now and for generations to come.

BUILT ON BLOCKCHAIN™ by MQCC® pioneer and creator of goods and services identified as:

MQCC® is a United Nations Innovation Network UNIN member.

What can you do with MQCC® INDIGENOS™?
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What can you do with MQCC® INDIGENOS™?

Transform your world and live better, safer and more efficiently with a higher standard of quality of life.


Through national (federal) and international standards-based management systems that manage your life and protect you from nonconformity.

Establish permanent organization or institutional memory; band, tribal council memory.


Easy to Deploy

Easy to Learn