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Attached are the instructions to register your child for the 2020-2021 sports/cheer school year.

Note: you must have your child’s UID number to complete the registration. If you do not have it, you can get it from the registrar.

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Sportsmanship Guidelines

Focus on Respect for Self and Others

Fundamentals of Sportsmanship

  • Show respect for self and others at all times

  • Show respect for the officials. Have the willingness to accept and abide by the decisions of the officials.

  • Know, understand and appreciate the rules of the contest.

  • Maintain self-control at all times.

  • Recognize and appreciate skill in performance regardless of team affiliation.

Expectations for Coaches

  • Act like an educator and a leader, which is an expectation of the KHSD and Highland HS.

  • Set a good example for participant sand fans to follow.

  • Exemplify the highest moral and ethical behavior.

  • Instruct participants in proper sportsmanship responsibilities and demand that they make sportsmanship the number one priority.

  • Respect the judgment of contest officials, abide by all rules and do not display behavior that could incite fans.

  • Treat opposing coaches, participants, and fans with respect.

  • Shake hands before and after contests.

  • Develop and enforce penalties for participants who do not abide by sportsmanship standards.

Expectations for Student Athletes

  • Treat teammates/opponents with respect.

  • Respect the judgment of contest officials.

  • Abide by all rules and do not display behavior that could incite fans.

  • Cooperate with officials, coaches, and fellow participants to conduct a fair contest.

  • Accept the responsibility and privilege of representing the school and community.

  • Display positive behavior at all times.

  • Live up to the high standards of sportsmanship established by the KHSD, Highland HS, and your coaches.

Expectations for Parents and Spectators

  • Realize that athletics are a part of the educational experience and that the benefits go beyond the final score of the contest.

  • Realize that a ticket is a privilege to observe a contest and support the activities of our youth. It is not a license to verbally assault others.

  • Respect decisions made by the contest officials.

  • Be an exemplary role model by supporting teams in a positive manner.

  • Respect fans, coaches, officials, administrators, and participants.

  • Be fan... not a fanatic.

Expectations for Cheerleaders and Spirit Groups

  • Encourage the desired crowd response. Use only positive cheers, signs, and praise.

  • Treat opposing spirit groups and fans with respect.

  • Recognize outstanding performances on either side of the playing field or court.

  • Know the rules and strategies of the contest in order to cheer at proper times.

  • Maintain enthusiasm and composure.

Acceptable Behaviors

  • Applaud during the introduction of players, coaches, and officials.

  • Graciously accept all decisions of the officials.

  • Shake hands with participants and coaches at the end of a contest, regardless of the outcome.

  • Coaches/players should seek out opposing participants to recognize them for an outstanding performance or coaching.

  • Applaud at the end of the contest for performances of all participants.

  • Show concern for injured players, regardless of team.

  • Encourage surrounding people to display good sportsmanship.

  • Treat competition as a game, not a war.

Unacceptable Behaviors

  • "Coaching" from the stands or sidelines by spectators, fans, or parents.

  • Confronting a coach, player, or official after the athletic contest.

  • Criticizing officials in any way.

  • Cheers that antagonize opponents.

  • Refusing to shake hands or trash talking.

  • Directing negative comments at opponents to distract and upset them.

  • Using profanity, racial comments or displaying anger that draws attention away from the game.

  • Throwing objects onto the floor or at an opponent.

  • Entering the floor or playing field at any time.

  • Refusing to comply with the directives of any school official.

  • Blaming the loss of a game on officials, coaches, or athletes.


Coaches and Athletes

  • Adhere to Highland HS and KHSD sportsmanship guidelines.

  • Any unsportsmanlike behavior exhibited by an Highland HS coach or athlete will be subject to a verbal warning to a one game suspension.

  • Any Highland HS Athlete or coach who receives an unsportsmanlike ejection at an athletic contest will be suspended a minimum of one of a maximum of two athletic contests a that level of competition.

  • Any subsequent ejects will be reviewed by the Director of Athletics, Assistant Principal, and Coach Representative and may result in more game suspensions and/or dismissal from a team.

Parents and Spectators

  • Verbal warning.

  • Removal from a competition site by administration or law enforcement.

  • Warning letter.

  • Suspension from attending future contests.

  • Charges filed with law enforcement.

  • Exclusion from all extra-curricular events.