Land Lab

Mission: To provide hands-on learning in the areas of agronomy, soil science and agriculture sustainability for students in the Agricultural Science program at the DeForest Area School District.

Objectives of the Program

  • The challenge of teaching real life experiences in plant sciences in DeForest is made easier with the help of nearly seventy acres of land rented from the school district.

  • Each year junior and senior students complete the planning process and carry out the planting, scouting, marketing and harvest work on our corn and soybean test plots.

  • Through this project they learn skills related to crop production including tillage and planting techniques, fertility requirements, pest management, yield estimations, and crop quality tests as well as marketing strategies.

FFA Land-Lab Appreciates the Support of the following businesses:

  • Treinen Family Farm

  • Dean and Drew Manthe of Manthe Farms

  • Legand Seed

  • PIP Partners in Production- Jack and Garret Kaltenberg

  • Gavillon Grain

  • Landmark Cooperative

  • Langer Dairy Farm

  • Pioneer- Jason Link