🍍Fruit, Meat & Cheese Sale

🍎What is it?

  • The FFA Fruit Sale is the largest fundraiser of the organization, providing tens of thousands of dollars for class field trips, FFA trips, conferences, food for meetings and many other activities.

  • Because the FFA does not receive any school funding, it is VERY important that every FFA member does their part to help pay for the tens of thousands of dollars it costs to run an FFA chapter.

🍐How does it work?

  • The sale starts October 17th! The sale ends November 7th.

  • This year we are selling online OR on paper. Please only order ONE way. Online will require credit card payment immediately.

  • To purchase on paper find your favorite FFA member!

  • Delivery is temporarily scheduled for December 14th-- This may change due to trucking delays.

  • We do NOT ship ANY products. Orders must be picked up by the buyer if online order or the student will deliver if ordered through them.

  • For online orders visit deforest.revtrak.net/FFA

🍏Pick-up Information- December TBA

  • This is for online orders only-- If you ordered from a student they will deliver!

  • Online orders should check their email for notification with a sign-up for time of pick-up. If you ordered from a student directly they will deliver to you.

  • IF you ordered from a student on a sheet-- they will deliver it to you!

Pick-up location:

On the West side of the high school towards the student/guest parking lot where there are overhead doors (the shops) please look for sign directions there. Please have a copy of your receipt (it doesn’t need to be printed, can be on your phone) for the orders you plan to pick up. We will look at your phone, grab your order and place it in the back seat or trunk for a contactless pick-up. You DO NOT need to exit your car!!

Product Offerings 2022

Not the order form-- but to see everything we are selling in 2022.

2022 Fruit Sale Website form

Thanks for supporting the DeForest FFA!

Page updated 10-17-2022