GLobal Environmental Sustainability PLTW

Environmental Sustainability (ES) is an interdisciplinary specialty engineering course in the PLTW Engineering pathway. In ES, students investigate and design solutions in response to real‐world challenges related to clean and abundant drinking water, food supply issues, and renewable energy. Applying their knowledge through hands‐on activities and simulations, students research and design potential solutions to these true‐to‐life challenges.

In ES students will specifically look at how environmental and biological engineering of organisms can be used to provide environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions to ensure food security for a growing world population; provide affordable, renewable energy; and provide clean, safe drinking water.

ES brings together engineering, biology, and ecology. The diversity of subject matter has the potential to bring together in a single classroom a group of students with interests in a wide range of STEM subjects. The demand is high and the need is great for both environmental and biological engineering professionals. This course provides a solid foundation in both disciplines, taking students from introduction to in‐depth exploration.