Ag/Tech Internship

Students in Agri-Business Management (Ag and Tech Ed Capstone) class may apply to enter the agriculture or technology work experience co-op internship program in a position related to the agriculture or tech industry. This course allows students the opportunity to develop through on-the-job training while earning 2 credits.

Ag/Tech Internship Basic Policies & Student Expectations

¨ All internship students must take a minimum of four classes.

¨ 1 Credit = Related Course (Agri-Business Management)

¨ 2 Credits = On the job training, at an average of 15 hours a week.

¨ Students must maintain satisfactory grades.

¨ An “F” on a grade report you will lose release time until raised

¨ A “D” will warrant an individual conference with the teacher/coordinator

¨ Students are required to attend all classes in order to be released to go to work in the afternoon, unless prearranged with the teacher/coordinator.

¨ When absence is unavoidable, you need to make three phone calls.

1. Attendance Office

2. Teacher/Coordinator

3. Employer

¨ All internship programs require an orientation meeting between the student, parent, teacher/coordinator, and employer. At this meeting, a training agreement is signed by all parties. Adherence to this training agreement is required to receive satisfactory internship grades and to remain in the program.

¨ Weekly Journal:

¨ Complete every week and turn in each Tuesday

¨ Pick up graded journal on Wednesday

¨ Be complete and detailed

¨ Be sure to let teacher/coordinator know of any concerns about job

¨ Discuss the questions that relate to your work site with your employer

¨ Training Agreement:

¨ Discussed and signed at the orientation meeting.

¨ Must be adhered to every day.

¨ Important aspects: Absences (phone calls), grades, training period, transportation, confidentiality. . .

¨ Employer Evaluation:

¨ Employer completes the evaluation form to rate skills demonstrated on the job

¨ Teacher/Coordinator, employer, and student meet to discuss evaluation, skill standards, and progress of internship student

¨ Internship grading

¨ 65% Employers evaluation

¨ 20% Weekly Journal

¨ 15% Teacher/coordinator evaluation (following training agreement etc.)

DAHS Internship and YA