Irving Middle School


Photo: (Left to right) Abby Rehm, Kristin Ness, Beau Gothier, Janis Fiero. (Bottom) Kathleen Clements

Photo: (Left to right) Lane Deines and Christina Chatwell.

(Bottom) Kathleen Clements

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We are always open to feedback or to hear your concerns. Below is our contact information:

6th Grade - Beau Gothier, extension #73025,

Students - Jump Code - BTG8, Adults-

7th Grade - Janis Fiero, extension #73024,

Students - Jump Code - GVRK, Adults-

8th Grade - Abby Rehm, extension #73022,

Students - Jump Code - R2PH, Adults-

Other Counseling Staff Members:

Social Worker - Leslie Andrews, extension #73021, (Tu, W, F)

Psychologist - Lane Deines, extension #73406,

Family Service Therapist - Christina Chatwell, extension #73506, (T, Th, F)

Counseling Center Secretary & School Registrar - Kathleen Clements, extension #73020,

Middle School is an exciting, yet challenging time for students. As students move into their adolescent years, students have a desire to explore a variety of interests while searching for their identity and need for approval from their peers. Identifying students’ academic and social/emotional needs is essential to helping students learn and develop skills. If you have any concerns or questions about your student's academic performance or social emotional needs or behaviors, please connect with your student's counselor.


The mission of the Irving Middle School counseling program is to provide ALL students with a comprehensive school counseling program that is centered around growth in social & emotional health, college & career readiness, and academics. We encourage all students to develop personal responsibility, ethical behaviors, and cultural awareness by partnering with teachers, administrators, school staff, parents, the community, and school counselors to help all students be successful problem solvers with a passion for life-long learning.


The Irving counseling team believes all students should have an equal opportunity to a comprehensive counseling program that focuses on social & emotional health, college & career readiness and academic achievement. We will elevate student success by removing learning barriers and using data in the development and evaluation of our program.


Reflection - We believe in reflecting and adjusting our practices to continually meed the needs of an ever-changing community.

Trust - We believe in building an environment where honesty, transparency, confidence and reliability within each other creates a safe community.

Challenge - We believe in fostering an environment where failure and struggle lead to growth.

Grit - We believe in overcoming challenges with a combination of passion, perseverance, and resolve.

Embracing Diversity - We believe in establishing authentic and effective relationships across differences through continual modeling and support.

Celebration - We believe in honoring effort, character, progress, and accomplishments.


Provides a comprehensive, developmental program that addresses academic, career and personal/social development. School counselors are professional school advocates who provide support to maximize student potential and academic achievement. In partnership with other educators, parents and the community, school counselors work to ensure that all students are prepared with the knowledge and skills to contribute at the highest level as productive members of society.


2745 S 22nd St

Lincoln, Nebraska 68502


(402) 436-1214, then Press 3


Regular Schedule: 8am-3pm

PLC Schedule (last Tuesday of the month): 8am-1:40pm

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