Tutor toolkit

Welcome to City Lit's Tutor toolkit.

This is designed for you if you are new to teaching at City Lit, or would just like to update yourself.

There is a small payment for recently appointed tutors who complete the whole toolkit. You need line manager approval first so contact your department or tutor.development@citylit.ac.uk for more details.

Anyone completing can receive a certificate if you submit a lesson plan after you have completed. Details are at the end of the programme.

Most of the Toolkit was created before the Covid 19 pandemic and is about face to face teaching. However, many City Lit classes are now online and are likely to stay so. The principles of teaching and learning are the same if you are working face to face or on Zoom, but some adaptations need to be made. Unit 8 explores how traditional teaching may be adjusted for online classes.

Click the button below to go to a Welcome by our Principal. More on using the Toolkit is on the page following his welcome.