Everything you need to know about ACTIVITIES at Cherry Hill HS East

School Events Calendar

2021-2022 East Calendar.pdf


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FULL Calendar of East Events

Morning Announcements

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5A January-2022-Calendar with Snow Day.pdf

Clubs and Advisors

2021-22 Clubs and Advisors.xls

Club Meeting Procedures

If your club would like to have a meeting, please follow the below procedures:

ALL MEETINGS MUST HAVE AN ADVISOR PRESENT. Clubs/activities MUST follow these procedures to remain active clubs.

Covid Mitigation

Masks must be worn at all club meetings that are held indoors. Food will not be permitted at club meetings that are held indoors. Clubs can hold their meetings outdoors if they chose to do so.

Meeting Scheduling Procedures:

For Single Meeting Dates: When your club has a meeting, please email Ms. Debbie Barr (dbarr@chclc.org) at least 72 hours prior to that meeting date with the following information: Date, Time (start & end time), and Location.

For Regular Recurring Meeting Dates: If a club has regular, recurring meetings, please email Ms. Barr (dbarr@chclc.org) the following information ASAP: Specific Dates, Time, and Location.

Posters, Flyers, etc.

All posters and flyers must be approved either by Mr. Davis or Ms. Barr before they can be posted. The following guidelines are in effect for posting of information:

  • Posters and flyers should be posted non- decorated bulletin boards throughout the school or any of the Activities bulletin boards.

  • Flyers can also be posted on walls in water fountain areas.

  • Flyers CANNOT be posted above lockers or on any glass in the building.

  • All flyers must be removed within 48 hours of holding a meeting.

  • No more than 20 copies of flyers can be posted at a time.

Club Creator Form

If you wish to submit a NEW CLUB, you can only SUBMIT it between SEPTEMBER - FEBRUARY

**No new clubs can be created between March-June of a school year**

ALL CLUBS: Make sure to keep in touch with your CLUB ADVISOR, so that they know you will be moving forward with your club in the 2021/22 school year. Advisors that do not hear from their students will assume the club is not moving forward.

Want to create a club that doesn't exist yet? Fill out this form and send it to Ms. Barr at dbarr@chclc.org

Club Creator Form.pdf

Club Fundraiser/Charitable Drive Form

Below are some new procedures for Fundraising/Charitable drives. We need to make sure that fundraisers are appropriate, do not conflict with other clubs/ activities running similar drives, and follow school board policy. This is not meant to deny any fundraiser/ charitable drives, but make sure we have a record of the activities that we do.

Fundraisers include anything that asks an entire class or the school to support your club/activity like a restaurant night, food sale, clothing sale, etc. Charitable drives include anything that requires students/community members to bring items to the school for a donation like clothes, books, etc.

Fundraising/ Charitable Drive procedures

(All SGA/Clubs/Activities MUST follow this procedure)

1. Clubs will fill out the fundraiser/ charitable drive form (see below)

2. Please request at least 2-3 weeks before your potential start date.

3. Mr. Davis, or Ms. Barr, will contact the email address on the form within 3-4 days of your request to either request more information or let you know that Mr. Davis has approved your fundraiser/ charitable drive.

4. After approval, please generate a tweet and/or Instagram ready flyer and send it to Ms. Barr for posting on the CHE activities accounts (no restaurant fundraisers will be posted)

5. No fundraiser/ charitable drive can be advertised until you have received approval from Mr. Davis or Dr. Perry (email cdavis@chclc.org or dbarr@chclc.org w/any questions)

School Bell Schedule

BELL SCHEDULE - Regular, Delayed and Half Day.pdf

Bus Pick-Up Locations (2:30pm)

Bus Parking Map.pdf

Late Bus Pick-Up (4:15pm)

  • There are six (6) total Late Buses

  • Late Buses are only available Mondays - Thursdays (there are no Friday Late Buses)

  • Late Buses Depart at 4:15pm

  • Late Buses always line up OUTSIDE OF THE LIBRARY ANNEX side entrance

School Dance Outside Attendee Form

Taking a Non-Cherry Hill East student to a school dance?

YOU MUST FILL OUT THIS FORM and hand it in when you purchase your dance tickets from your Class Advisors

Outside Attendee Form.pdf

Student Parking Permit Info

Beginning Monday September 27th, the Campus Police will begin distributing parking permits to those Seniors who have already filled out the parking application on Genesis and paid the appropriate $50 parking fee. You must fill out the forms and submit payments BEFORE being issued your permit. Students can come to the Campus Police Office (located in F wing, right behind Cafeteria 2) between classes and during both lunch periods. You will be required to produce your driver’s license and the vehicle’s registration and insurance card in order to get your permit. Registration for Juniors will open up on or about Monday October 4th. An announcement will be made when a definitive date has been established.

Any questions, please see or email

Officer Hafner (phafner@chclc.org) or Officer Faller (Kfaller@chclc.org)