Develop Creators, Not Consumers

Develop Creators, Not Consumers

Creators remember, because they are actively learning.


A Few CREATE-ive Ideas:

  1. Instead of students researching a topic, have them create a website about it.
  2. Instead of a presentation, have students create a video.
  3. Instead of giving a lecture, have students create an infographic.
  4. Instead of giving students data to work with, have them collect, organize, and create a graph to display it.
  5. Instead of having students write a paper, have them write a script and create a radio broadcast that recites it, or write and sing a song.
  6. Instead of just having students write about an invention, have them create a design of it.
  7. Instead of just having students journal about their favorite vacation, have them create a map of it inserting pictures and captions.
  8. Instead of having students answer questions about an experiment, have them create a tutorial of the process.
  9. Instead of having students do 20 problems for homework, have them create a recording of them explaining 2.
  10. Instead of giving students study guides, have them create a test.

A creator takes all he/she knows about research, writing, engineering, and designing, and uses their creativity to display what they've learned.

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