Engaging Technologies

Kent State University- NEOtech 2016

Session B-5


Room 306-A

Engaging Technologies

Simply using technology in the classroom DOES NOT mean you are engaging your learners. Learn how to use technology to engage your students at this presentation. We will review strategies and web applications that take ordinary videos and presentations and make them engaging for students using Zaption and Nearpod. We will also discuss other ways to have students use technology for authentic learning, such as GoFormative, ClassKick, QR codes activities, and more. Find our materials here.

Carolyn Crosier and I are both veteran teachers with a lot of experience in technology integration. We both want our students to not just use technology, but be engaged in what they are learning. We are always looking for new ideas to share with our staffs, and want to be sure that our students have authentic learning experiences. One of my new favorite web applications is Zaption. It’s online resource that allows you to make a video interactive. Once you find a video (and they have a great search tool if you are in need of one), you can insert comments, images, multiple choice questions, select all that apply questions, and/or constructed response questions into the video that students must answer to continue. It is perfect for flipping the classroom, and Zaption collects and stores multiple analytics on users, such as view time, skips, and question answers. Carolyn has been using Nearpod for instruction with students and in-services with her staff. Nearpod is similar to Zaption, but it is taking a presentation and making it interactive. With Nearpod, you can insert questions in-between slides, and formatively assess your audience throughout your presentation. With any remaining time, we would love to share GoFormative.com and the iPad app ClassKick as online formative assessment tools that allow you to see and provide feedback on your students work in real-time. Also, we can share other authentic lesson ideas that we have done, like using QR codes in the classroom.