Issue#1: "Workstation Readiness" error, where "the resolution is incorrect and requires a 1024 x 768 screen resolution."

    1. Reset the screen resolution with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + 0 (zero), then close and relaunch the testing app.
    2. If that does not work, the Chromebook needs to be re-enrolled to the network and domain, so set it aside for repair.

Issue#2: The student’s name is not appearing when they try to login.

In order for students to join your map session, they must be in “Awaiting Student” status. This happens automatically when you start a testing session. For one reason or another, students may have to rejoin an existing sessions, and if they do, follow these steps to resume their test.

      • Current Status = Testing > 1st Action = Suspend > 2nd Action = Test Again
      • Current Status = Confirmed (or To Be Confirmed) > 1st Action = Do Not Confirm

If a student is on the login screen and they do not see their name, it is because they are not in “Awaiting Student” status. Have them exit out of the NWEA Map Secure browser by:

      • On a Chromebook = Click Ctrl + Alt + K, or hold the Power Button until you see a logoff option
      • On a Desktop = Click the X in the upper right, or Ctrl + Alt + K

Then, while they reopen the app, make sure they are in “Awaiting Student” status so they can log back in.

Issue#3: The student’s question seems stuck.

If a student’s question is not loading properly, or it will not allow them to click “Next” to go on to the next question after they have selected their answer, they should try these options in order:

      1. Reset the question by clicking the “Reset” button in the bottom left hand corner of their screen.
      2. Zoom back out by pressing Ctrl + - (minus), because sometimes the test gets zoomed in to where you can't see the "Reset" or "Next" arrow.
      3. Use the Proctor Interrupt Pin, which is found on the upper right of the Test Administration screen:
            1. Press Ctrl + Shift + P on the student's computer
            2. Enter the PIN on the student's screen.
            3. Choose to "Resume" the test on the student's screen, which gives them a new question.
      4. Choose the student on the Test Administration screen, choose "Select Action > Suspend." Then, choose the student again and "Select Action > Resume."

Issue#4: The test was automatically paused due to rapid guessing.

        1. For convenience, obtain or memorize the Proctor PIN for this testing session.
        2. Approach quietly and encourage the student to take the time to think of the best answer for every question. Avoid helping the student answer the test questions.
        3. When the student is ready, type the PIN on the student’s testing device—the test resumes with the next question.
              • Or, for multiple students, use the controls on your test administration screen (click the alert box, select names, and click Resume).

Issue#5: There is a break in the student’s testing schedule .

If a student has to leave or use the restroom and will return within 25-30 minutes, you are to:

      • Current Status = Testing > 1st Action = Pause > 2nd Action = Resume (when they return)

If a student has to leave or it is a class change and will NOT return within 30 minutes, you are to:

      • Current Status = Testing > 1st Action = Suspend > 2nd Action = Test Again (when they return)

Find more resources in the NWEA MAP folder in the Staff Tech Help Team Drive: