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  • Free Grading & Classroom Management for Teachers
  • Comprehensive Multi-Grade Typing Curriculum
  • Single Sign-On & Classroom Roster Syncing
  • Perfect for All ages & Levels, K-12 and Beyond

Join with a Free Teacher Account

Step 1: Create your classes

From your dashboard select “My Classes” and then “+ Create New Class”. Feel free to set up all of your classes at once.

Step 2: Enter your students

Click the button that says “Add Students” to find a few different options on this page:

Self-sign up: Save yourself trouble by getting the students to sign up themselves.

Under the “Self Sign Up” tab you’ll find a unique code (which you can change by clicking the "edit" pencil button) and link for your class. Copy that link and send it to your students (via Google Classroom).

Single sign on: If your school works with Google, students can log in with Single Sign On, enabling them to sign in with just a click on "Sign In with Google" rather than filling out their details.

Step 3: Print out a parent letter

If you want to give parents a heads up about what the students will be working on, you can easily print out this brief introductory letter (PDF or DOC) that they’ve created for you. Just click and print!

Make it a Competition!

You can have your students compete by generating a leaderboard. From the teacher account homepage:

  1. Click on 'Reports' at the top of the page.
  2. Choose the 'Student Activity Summary'.
  3. Choose the class.
  4. Choose the date range (I prefer the default, what have you done lately, Today date range. It makes students accountable each day, and there is no excuse for being "too far behind.")
  5. Click 'Run Report'.

You can sort by the Total Number of Stars, Speed (WPM), and Accuracy (%).