Google Slides can be Greater Than Flipgrid!?!

Flipgrid is a great way to hear all of your students responses to a prompt... or maybe I should say see all of your students responses. On Flipgrid, the teacher posts a video prompt, and the students respond with their own video response. It is great for engaging all learners, and hearing each one of them individually.

But some teachers might not want to take this type of engagement outside of the G Suite for Education product line. In that case, you might be surprised to hear how Google Slides can do nearly the same thing as Flipgrid, but with even more of a collaborative feature.

Here's how:

  1. Record your video using this simple School Video Recorder.
  2. Open Google Slides (
  3. Click Insert > Video.
  4. Choose the Video from your Drive.
  5. Make sure your video is shared so "Anyone with the link can view." (or put in a folder that has that permission).
School Video Recorder.mp4

For an engaging activity, record a video question or prompt and add it to the 1st slide on Google Slides. Then, have your students record their response, insert a new slide within the presentation, and insert their video. They could even add a text box to their slide that could include a title, additional thoughts and hyperlinked resources, and/or citations..

As a teacher, you can use the comment feature of Google Slides to leave feedback to your students. Remember, because this is a shared Google Slide presentation that all students have access to, everyone will be able to read your comments.

Finally, students will they be able to listen to all of their classmates responses, but they could insert their own comments that could include:

        • highlighting something they learned from at least 1 other student's response.
        • asking follow up questions.
        • adding something they learned to someone else's response.
        • adding something they forgot to include or learned later to their own response.

See how easy it is for yourself, and give it a try!

Google Slides is Greater Than Flipgrid