Merge Cube

The Merge Cube lets you hold virtual 3D objects, enabling an entirely new way to learn and interact with the digital world.

With one of various apps, you can view:

        • Architecture/Buildings

        • Monuments/Statues

        • Art

        • Animals/Dinosaurs

        • Body Systems

        • Fossils

        • Inventions/Tools

        • Solar System/Planets

Cube App List QR Codes.pdf
Cuyahoga Falls Teacher's Guide - Merge Cube.pdf
Cuyahoga Falls Student's Guide - Merge Cube.pdf

Free Objects in the Merge Viewer app for Virtual Reality

Merge Viewers allows the user to view objects up close and in their own environment. When clicking on an individual part of the object, the user can learn more information. Any locked items are paid upgrades.

If you wish to see any of these object in Augmented Reality, download the Merge Viewer app or schedule a time to meet with your CTIS.