3D Design


  1. Create your Tinkercad account by signing in with your Google account.

  2. Click "Classes" in the top toolbar.

  3. Click "Create new class" and fill out your information.

  4. Click on your class, and click "Class Code." Click "Copy link."

  5. Post your join link in Google Classroom.

  6. Have students learn the basics, create projects, watch tutorials, and keyboard shortcuts from their "Learn" page.

  7. Have students create their own, "New Design."

  8. Students can then download and/or print their 3D designs.

  9. To print, students will need to send their design to their teacher.

  10. Mr. Oris will help you send those designs to the printer, and then you can manage print jobs from the 3D Printer.

  11. For more inspiring ideas and lessons, go to https://www.tinkercad.com/teach.

Dremel DigiLabs Lesson Plans