The Supporting Neurodiverse Students Professional Learning System (SNS) supports a district-level grant, the Enhancing Social and Emotional Skills in Students with IEPs (ES3).  The goal of the ES3 is to provide public school districts with the structures and processes to identify and support the beliefs, skills, and systems needed to improve outcomes for students with Individualized Education Programs (IEPs). Grant recipients are supported by  statewide coordinators who assist districts and school-based teams through coaching, training, and resources to implement evidence-based improvement strategies to support the growth of students with significantly divergent social and emotional learning needs.   

ES3 Three Year Grant Application - Coming Spring 2024

Find all the materials needed for documentation of deliverables required by the ES3 grant.

Learn about the district leaders who have participated in the ES3 grant.   For those interested in finding out more about what it is like to participate in the ES3 grant feel free to email those who have provided their contact information.

Explore short videos produced by districts that participated in the ES3 grant. 


 Resa Hawes        

Supporting Neurodiverse Students District Coordinator