Areas of Need

Areas covered are social and emotional learning (SEL) skills that commonly show up for neurodiverse learners.  They are the deep dive into social-emotional learning and are often the prerequisite skills within the Wisconsin DPI SEL Competencies. The areas listed below contain multiple ways to access learning around that need.  Videos, training material, articles, websites, modules, books, recorded trainings, and more can be found to enhance understanding of these deep dives into social and emotional learning.  If interested in a live training please follow this link to register .

Additional Learning Materials 

These materials are from learning events that cover specific topics outside of and in addition to the above areas of need.

COMING SOON: What's Our Goal: Making Data Fun

Root Cause Analysis

Staying curious about why we see behaviors that are challenging to adults is foundational in supporting students with neurodiverse needs.  This video provides an explanation of how to stay curious through the root cause analysis process.  Asking and understanding the "whys" gives us a skill to target when identifying support for future growth. 

Struggling with "What is the why?"  The SNS Areas of Need toolkit below provides some possible social and emotional skill areas that are common with students with neurodiverse needs.

Resources connected to the work of the SNS through the lens as students as a whole at the state and national level.