Why Homework is Set

The School believes that a good, well-managed homework programme helps our students to 'know more and remember more' as well as providing them with a broad and deep experience of the subejcts they study.

Homework is highly beneficial because it helps develop these skills:

How can Parents Support their Children?

We ask that parents support their children by seeing that home learning is done conscientiously and in the best possible conditions. Facilities and conditions that are conducive to study include: 

Core Knowledge Year 7 - 9

Students in Year 7 to 9 are frequently set sections of their core knowledge to learn for homework, which is then quizzed in lessons. 

This is designed to encourage students to know more and remember more, as well as being able to develop successful stragegies to revise.

All Core Knowledge booklets are printed for students at each half term, but they are also online and found in the LRC - which is open Monday to Thursday 3-4pm for students to complete homework in.

Please see the tabs below for each the Core Knowledge Booklets

Enrichment Homework

Enrichment Homework is designed to broaden and deepen students understanding of their subejct as well as fostering a passion and interest in it. 

All Enrichment Homework tasks are optional for students in Key Stage 3 to complete.  Students will be recognised for completing any Enrichment Homework and this will be celebrated by their subject teacher.

Accessing and Recording Homework

All homework will be recorded by teachers. All resources that the students will need to complete the work will be uploaded to Classcharts. Students will be able to see all submission deadlines and should plan their work around these deadlines. 

You can see the school Homework Calendar below, however you can access the web version of the app on www.classcharts.co.uk.    Sign in to the website using the enrolement code you will have been provided (please ask your childs tutor if you need this).   Once logged into your account, you can see the homework that has been set for your child.