Catch-Up Funding

Covid Catch-Up Grant 2020-21

November 2020 Covid Catch-Up Premium, Bridgemary School will receive £32,160 to support students to catch up on lost learning over the academic year.

To download the document showing how the catch-up money was allocated please click here

Year 7 Catch-Up Funding and Evaluation 2019-20

Bridgemary School received £9,176 to support year 7 catch-up in literacy and numeracy for the academic year 2019-20.

Measuring impact is more challenging due to the school closures in March 2020, but the following strategies were funded with impact shown:

  • Additional teaching assistant hours that were used for intervention during registration during the first half of the year and then for direct support of students during lockdown. Evaluating the impact of this strategy is challenging given the school closure, however, we know that remote support for students from teaching assistants allowed targeted students to effectively engage in the remote learning provision.