Transition into Year 7

Year 6 – 7 Transition

The transition from primary school to secondary school is an exciting and significant milestone in any child’s education and can invoke a mixture of emotions for the students and their families. We understand that this period of transition can feel unsettling and scary, especially with the larger school environment, new subjects, teachers and friends but at Bridgemary we will work alongside you to aid a smooth and positive start to life in secondary school; enabling our new year 7 students to make the best progress possible.

At Bridgemary we strive to ensure that our students are supported and prepared to become a successful member of our school community. To support this we will be working with our primary schools and families to ensure a smooth transition and to allow us to really know our students and their needs prior to them joining.

Message to Year 6

As you enter the last stages of Primary School, I want to encourage you to keep working hard, stay focused and positive. As your transition lead, I want to make sure your transition to Bridgemary School is a smooth process, and while many things will be different for you and you will have many new experiences, please do not worry about these things. You will adjust quickly to your new routines, and remember, we are all here to help you!


Once you have been notified that you have been successful in obtaining a place for your child at Bridgemary, you will begin to receive regular updates as well as be contacted by our admissions team. You will be sent all of our registration forms and details of other key information required as part of your acceptance of the place offered.

Following shortly after this will be our transition pack which will include important transition dates from welcome evenings to the dates our transition takes place. Our orientation booklet highlights key staff.

Transition Week

We offer a full week of transition in July. During this time students will be placed into their tutor groups and will meet their classmates, tutor and head of year for the next academic year.

During this time students will follow the year 7 timetable and will experience a taster of most of our timetabled lessons. By completing a full week of transition we feel that it will allow students to experience what being a member of our school community truly looks like.

Primary Liaison

During the summer term, our transition team will be working with our primary schools to ensure we have all relevant information for each child enabling a smooth transition. We will meet with our primary schools to discuss each individual regarding their academic progress, behaviour and social needs as well as their lives and interests outside of school. At Bridgemary we feel that gaining both an academic and holistic view of our students is an essential part of the transition progress as it will enable us to support the students in their learning and to make the best progress they can.

Additional Support

We recognise that whilst transition is exciting it can also be challenging and difficult in many ways which require some students to receive additional support.

If you are concerned about transition please do not hesitate to speak to your junior school or contact our transition team via

Please ensure that we have your most up to date email address and home address – we will only use the email address and home address that has been provided on your initial application to Hampshire County Council so if this is not up to date, please provide us with an alternative email address via Please state your child’s name, DOB and current school on any emails that you send to us.

Please click here if you would like to share more information about your child joining us in September.