Baptisms and Christenings

Baptism / Christening of an infant

Alcester Minster Churches offer support, advice and help to all those who wish to be baptised (christened). Many people grow up in the Church because they have been baptised as babies and brought up in a Christian family. That is not always the case. Increasing numbers of older people - from teenagers to great grandparents - are making their own decision to join the Church. If you would like your child / children to be baptised, great! If you want to raise your children in the Christian faith and feel comfortable making the baptismal promises on their behalf, then we would love to talk to you and about this big step.

Thanksgiving services

If in good conscience you don’t feel you can make the promises in the baptism service for your child, don’t worry. We can look at having a Thanksgiving Service instead.

Who can be baptised?  

Anyone who wants to be involved with Jesus Christ and with the local church.

If you live within or have a strong connection to any of the churches in the Alcester minster team, we are here to help. Baptism usually takes place as part of a main service or on a Sunday afternoon at St Nicholas Church. If you are not linked with us in any way but would still like to be baptised or to have a child baptised, please attend church first, then ask us about baptism.

Can my child be baptised?  

Yes, every member of the family can belong to the Christian church.

The baptism service involves saying aloud statements of belief and promises on behalf of your child. If you are uncertain about this, it would be better to delay baptism and have a thanksgiving service which gives thanks to God for your child but involves no promises on the parent’s part.

We hope to see families who have had their child baptised attending church services as often as possible.

So what next?

Please contact us to start the conversation. 

One of our team will arrange to visit you and explain about baptism, and the baptism service or invite you to a preparation event. If you are coming to church for the first time, introduce yourself to the vicar or the congregation leader and tell them you are interested in baptism.

There is no charge for a service of baptism, although a collection is taken at the service.