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Stay Apart • Stay Clean • Stay Safe

Welcome to Tendring Technology College

Welcome to our New Year 7 Students

I hope that you had a good summer. There is a real buzz of excitement around the College as we prepare to welcome all children back to Tendring Technology College.

We will be looking to run a curriculum offer as close to normal. There will be staggered start and finish times, we will operate different zones for each year group for the start of the day and at break, we will re-introduce split lunches, we have remodelled all movement around the College using outside spaces, entrance and exits to many lessons will be via external fire exits. We have worked with Essex local authority and Hedinghams to ensure that transport to College by contract bus is as safe as possible with students sat in year groups, washing hands, respiratory hygiene and social distancing will be enabled by the measures that we have put in place.

Our plan is sensible and well thought through; minimising risk whilst offering a full curriculum. The return will be well managed with your child given time and support to learn these new routines and practices.

We are very much looking forward to reconnecting with your child.

Return to College.pdf
The AET Safe Return Pledge (September).pdf

To begin the new academic year, we would like to share this message from Julian Drinkall, CEO of Academies Enterprise Trust (AET). We are a proud part of the AET family and I would urge you to watch Julian share his heartfelt reflections on the last 6 months as well as outline the opportunities he sees ahead, as together we discover what's possible for your children.

Get access now to this brilliant free online programme for Year 6 pupils

Called Be ready to be remarkable and comprising three modules — Head, Heart and In the bag — the engaging, animated video content will significantly help with a successful transition to Year 7.

The resource is free to access and available here at the website of our partner, BeReady. It is designed for guided presentation by teachers or parents/guardians.

“In these unusual times, where everything has changed for your Year 6 students, one thing remains inevitable – the transition from primary to secondary. This brilliant programme seeks to give your pupils the knowledge, but more importantly the confidence they need and the belief in themselves that they will continue to find their remarkable.”

Lauren Costello OBE, FRSA, National Director for Primary and SEND,

The Academies Enterprise Trust

Click here to access this online resource

For more information regarding the transition from Year 6 to Year 7, please see here


Students Summer 2020 Exams appeals information guide

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