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What if my child is too unwell to engage in remote learning or to attend College as a child of a Keyworker or has been invited in?

Please can I remind all parents and carers that whilst we are in this period of National Lockdown, that if your child becomes unwell either with Covid related systems or another illness, that you inform us by following the usual process as we will need to keep accurate registers whilst students are engaging with work either remotely or in the case of the children of Key workers or have been invited in on the College site itself.

Please call the number listed below and state your child's name, tutor group, who is calling, and the specific reason for absence.

Please remember to call every day that your child is sick.

All absences - Absence line - 01255 682 009

I appreciate your support in this matter.

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The AET Safe Return Pledge (September).pdf

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