Uniform & Equipment

Daily Uniform Requirements

Click here for the Full Uniform Policy. Additional information can be found below:

College Tie - Compulsory for Year 7 – Year 11. Students should wear the appropriate colour tie with College motif for their year group, available from our online supplier Anglia Sports Wear.  From September 2023; Year 7: Silver, Year 8: Red, Year 9: Gold, Year 10: Silver, Year 11: Red

Blazer - Plain black blazers with the College logo (boys and girls).

Shirt - Plain white shirt with collar, buttoned at the neck and tucked inside the skirt or trousers, long or short sleeve. No sports or polo shirts or fashion styles.

Skirt  - Compulsory for Year 7 – Year 11. College knee-length tartan skirt. Skirts should not be rolled up at all, only available from our online supplier Anglia Sports Wear. Where a student's skirt is too short  parents/guardians may be asked to purchase a skirt of knee length.

Trousers - Compulsory for Year 7 – Year 11.  College grey trousers available from our online supplier Anglia Sports Wear. No design or fashion features.  No jeans, cords, shorts, leggings or form-fitting trousers are permitted in College     

Footwear - Formal, plain black, low heeled shoes with full fronts and backs.  No trainers or trainer style shoes, canvas shoes or boots will be accepted.

Socks / Tights - Black or white plain socks, neutral or black tights.

Jumper or Cardigan - Students are permitted to wear a jumper or cardigan under their blazer but this must be a Black jumper or cardigan (No branding or embellishment's are permitted)

Outdoor coat - Jumpers, cardigans, outdoor coats, hooded tops are not to be worn instead of blazers.  Students wearing outdoor wear are required to leave it in a secure place throughout the College day.  Students are not allowed to wear coats inside the college buildings. Coats are permitted to be worn outdoors during break and lunchtimes and to and from college.

Make-up/ Eyelashes/ False Nails - Must not be worn at TTC, false (acrylic or gel) varnished nails, make-up or false eyelashes are not permitted.

Jewellery / Body Piercings  - A wristwatch and/or a pair of small plain ear-studs only may be worn.  Nose studs, lip studs and tongue piercings are not allowed. Jewellery must be removed for PE or Technology. Tendring Technology College does not accept responsibility for these items. Bracelets are not allowed and all inappropriate jewellery may be removed from students and returned directly to parents.

Hair Colour- All hair must be a natural colour and all hair that can be tied up must be when students take part in Practical Design Technology, practical science and PE lessons. Extreme hair cuts and patterns are not permitted.  

Please note that the following are regarded as inappropriate:

The College uniform can be ordered on line, using the following link:


If you have no internet access, please contact the College and we will assist you.

PE Uniform Requirements

PE Uniform for All Year Groups

It is departmental policy for all students to wear the correct Tendring Technology College P.E. uniform.

Year 7/8/9 Students must have: 

(We strongly advise a gum shield for rugby).

Optional for Outdoor Lessons:

The full PE uniform can be ordered on line, using the following link: http://www.yourschoolwear.co.uk/tendring-technology-college-152-c.asp

Changing Trends and fashion

At Tendring Technology College we have a formal working atmosphere and therefore retain the right to veto any garment or accessory brought into College; these maybe confiscated and returned directly to parents. 

Students attending College without the correct uniform will be provided, whenever possible with loan items for the day which they will be expected to wear to comply with the College policy. 

Equipment requirements

Equipment-  All students must have the correct equipment to be able to participate in their learning. All students are expected to have a Green pen, black pen, highlighter pencil, ruler, eraser, protractor and a scientific calculator. This will be checked during tutor time each morning. Students will be able to buy equipment at the school shop. 

Mobile Phones-  Should not be seen or heard on the school premises. Should a student need to contact parents/guardians they can contact  their year team at break or lunch and they will facilitate this. Should a parent/guardian need to contact a student please contact reception who will pass on the message to the student. If a student uses their mobile phone on the school premises it will be confiscated and given to reception until the end of the day.