Special Education Needs & Disabilities (SEND)

Additional Needs at Tendring Technology College

Tendring Technology College welcomes students with special educational needs or disabilities and supports students across four teams. Students are organised into the teams during their transition from their previous school and it is based on the student’s main area of need. An Area of Need leader will monitor their academic progress and attendance whilst ensuring that the student’s needs were been met both through teaching and structured interventions.

The four areas of need are:

Cognition and Learning Support – for students with specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia, or moderate learning difficulties that affect students in a range of cognitive areas.

Social, Emotional and Mental Health Support – for students who struggle to engage in the social aspects of school, or who find it hard to cope with challenging emotions. This will range from students needing short-term assistance during a turbulent time in their life, to students with a recognised condition such as ADD or ADHD.

Communication and Interaction Support – for students who have speech, language and communication needs, a specific language impairment or a range of communication difficulties. Students who find it difficult to interact with others are supported within this area.

Sensory and Physical Support - Students whose need is primarily sensory and, or physical have their support overseen by the area of need leader in this team. This team would support students with hearing or visual impairments as well as students with physical needs.

Students with Medical Needs

Tendring Technology College is committed to ensuring that pupils with medical conditions are fully supported in school so that they can:

  • play a full and active role in school life;

  • access and enjoy the same opportunities at school as any other child, including school trips and physical education;

  • remain healthy and safe;

  • achieve their academic potential.

If a student has a medical need, they will have a Care Plan, which is compiled in consultation with parents and one of the College’s medical assistants. The plan is discussed with all staff who are involved with the student and is added to the student’s Progresso profile, so staff can access it.

Staff receive regular medical training delivered by the school medical assistant and are aware of where they can access further information as required.

Where necessary and in agreement with parents, medicines are administered in school but only with signed parental consent and with medicines in the original packaging.

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