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Assessments & Examinations at Tendring Technology College

A full explanation of how to interpret a KS3 report can be found below

Every child is assessed by their teachers against a range of objectives that are appropriate for their age and the subject they are studying, these are known as ‘Age Related Expectations’.


When they can demonstrate that they have reached the majority of the objectives in a particular topic or unit, they are considered to be ‘Working At' age related expectations.


If they have demonstrated a deeper understanding of the objectives, they are considered to be ‘Working Beyond’ age related expectations.


It they have not yet demonstrated a secure understanding of the objectives, they are considered to be ‘Working Towards’ age related expectations.


All children have a target of at least ‘Working At’ age related expectations.

A full explanation of the codes used in progress reports are available below

AFI and ATL descriptors with BTEC.pdf

A guide to everything you want to know about our examination procedure and more. 

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Certificates relating to exams will be ready for collection from 1 December . 

PRIOR TO COLLECTION - Please contact the Main Office, Frinton Campus - 01255 672116 - and leave your name and date of birth. Please allow 48 hours after making this call before coming to the College to collect the certificates.  If you are unable to collect them in person, you need to give a signed letter of permission to whoever is collecting the certificates, which they must bring to the College along with a form of ID.  Without either of these, the certificates cannot be given out.

Information for students

The Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) issues regulations for students regarding exams.  It is important that students read this information, which is posted on the exam notice boards around the College and a copy of each can be found below:-

GCSEs - What can a parent do?

Please click here for a copy of our newsletter for parents and guardians, which contains tips on how to maintain motivation and encourage persistence, revision support and dealing with stress.

External Examination Entry Policy

Guidance notes: