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Welcome to TTC6

The Sixth Form at Tendring Technology College

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What are we all about?

TTC6 is focused on the individual student and how we can work together to enable you to achieve your full potential. 

Our personalised approach will ensure that you have both the academic and pastoral support that you require to empower you to achieve your very best.

We will continually ask you to question, to challenge, and to think; building a stronger thirst for knowledge and a greater need for answers. 

We want students to be unusually brave, push the limits, be big-hearted and discover what’s possible in our remarkable Sixth Form. 


How will you use your TTC6 education?

Your time at TTC6 will pass very quickly so you should maximise the benefits of the courses you are studying and take full advantage of the extracurricular and community life of the Sixth Form.
If you follow this advice you will find there will be many options open to you post-Sixth Form; both students and the college will work closely together to ensure you choose the right option for you and your aspirations.

Enrolling at TTC6 automatically makes you part of an extensive and ever increasing alumni network; a network which could benefit you for the rest of your life

TTC6 is the right choice if you want the opportunity to access a bright and successful future.

How and when will we help you?

The TTC6 team are there to help guide you alongside your academic tutor to make informed choices about the most suitable pathway for you. 

Whether it be universities and courses, how to gain work experience, applying for funding, preparing a personal statement or CV, sitting additional admissions tests for certain courses or universities (such as medicine, veterinary science or Oxbridge study), meeting the relevant deadlines, preparing for interviews, reviewing future career paths, pursuing studying or working abroad or entering the armed forces, we are on hand to support you with whatever decisions you make.

When you enrol at TTC6, you will also be placed in the tutor programme. This programme is designed not only to help you broaden your horizons through acquisition of new skills, but it is also designed to help you through the relevant application process; such as UCAS, if it is university study you wish to pursue, or create a CV/application for an Apprenticeship.

Using Unifrog at TTC6

Unifrog is a one-stop-shop where students can easily explore their interests, and then find and successfully apply for their next best step after school. Unifrog will help you to explore your key interests and what career paths you can take to reach your goals!

In-depth lessons will explore pathways, search for opportunities (Universities, apprenticeships, and much more), record what you have done (courses and interactions), draft application materials (CV, college references, and Personal Statements), and make applications. 

Click the logo below to access Unifrog:


The TTC6 Team

Mr R Rodd

Assistant Vice Principal - Head of Sixth Form

Teacher of History and EPQ

Mrs M Lester

Pastoral Lead - Safeguarding, Attendance and Welfare

Mrs V Bell

Academic and Futures Lead

Teacher of Childcare and EPQ

Mrs E Ellison

Sixth Form Reception and Administration

TTC6 Academic Tutors

Mrs C Duell
Mrs C McWilliam
Mr D Thorogood
Mr G Higgs

Mrs H Stokes
Mr H Frizzell
Mrs L Leonardi
Mrs M Girdlestone

Mr R Crabb
Mrs S Bysouth
Ms Y Skeggs
Mr Y Mwampulo