Sixth Form

Mr G Wicks

  • Head of Sixth Form
  • Teacher of Business Studies
  • Responsibilities include: Leadership of the Sixth Form

Miss S Szymanska

  • Sixth Form Programme Director - Pathways & Progression
  • Teacher of Sociology and EPQ Coordinator
  • Responsibilities include: UCAS, Pathways, Progression agreements of local Universities, Tutor enrichment programmes.

Mrs M Lester

Student Support Manager

Mrs H Wood & Mrs J Rooney

Sixth Form Admin Assistants

What are we all about?

We treat all our students as individuals with particular aspirations and potential. We want to ensure we provide the right course for the right student and to ensure that the right student is on the right course. We look forward to supporting you in your quest for success. The most important difference is the need for you to take more responsibility for your own learning. You will need to get much more involved with your subject teachers and your personal tutor. There is a TTC Sixth Form “Code for Success” so that you understand your responsibilities as a Sixth Form student.

How will you use your TTC Sixth Form education?

Your time in the Sixth Form will pass very quickly so you should maximize the benefits of the courses you are studying and take full advantage of the extracurricular and community life of the Sixth Form. If you follow this advice you will find there will be many options open to you post-Sixth Form; both student and the college will work closely together to ensure you choose the right option for you and your goals.

Apprenticeships, blue chip company employment, armed forces, university study in the UK or abroad are just a few of these options.

How and when will we help you?

When you enroll in the Sixth Form, you will also be placed in the tutor programme. This programme is designed not only to help you broaden your horizons through acquisition of new skills, but it is also designed to help you through the relevant application process; such as UCAS, if it is university study you wish to pursue.

The Sixth Form team are there to help guide you in conjunction with your personal tutor to make informed choices about the most suitable universities and courses, how to gain work experience, apply for funding, prepare a personal statement or CV, sit additional admissions tests for certain courses or universities (such as medicine, veterinary science or Oxbridge study), meet the relevant application deadlines, prepare for interviews, apply for bursaries, future career paths, pursue studying or working abroad or entering the armed forces…to name a few.

The right choice

Enrolling at TTC Sixth Form automatically makes you part of an extensive and ever increasing alumni network; a network which could benefit you for the rest of your life.

Enrolling at TTC Sixth Form is clearly the right choice if you want the opportunity to access a bright and successful future.