Senior Leadership Team

David Lees

Executive Head Teacher

Teri-Leigh Jones

Head of Academy

Gavin Byford

Deputy Headteacher

Gavin's main responsibility is pupil outcomes & standards at KS4.

He also works with Tim Paternoster in developing the whole college curriculum and leading the ICT innovations at TTC and the college website.

Other elements of his role include leading and managing the data & examinations support team.

Christopher Collins

Deputy Headteacher

Christopher is responsible for standards at KS3.

He is also responsible for the Learning Teams and works closely with the Directors of Learning and Faculty Leaders to improve student learning and outcomes.

Tim Paternoster

Assistant Principal

Tim is based at Frinton Campus and is responsible for the curriculum offering within the college for all students and subjects. He also has the responsibility for the college timetable.

Matthew Bibby

Assistant Principal

Matthew has been teaching at TTC for nearly 20 years and during that time has adopted a range of roles to develop his pedagogy, from Assistant Director of Learning, Faculty Leader of PE to ITT Co-ordinator. His main responsibilities within the Senior Leadership Team now all lie with the development of teaching and learning within the college. He also leads the organisation and implementation of high quality CPD at TTC and lastly to develop partnerships and networks across different educational establishments.

Richard Rodd

Assistant Principal

Richard is based at Thorpe Campus. He has the responsibility for standards of behaviour at Thorpe Campus. Working closely with Christopher Collins, Richard ensures that the day-to-day running of all aspects of Thorpe Campus are effective.He also works closely with the Attendance Team and the Directors of Learning to monitor and raise the importance of attendance.

His other duties include leading community engagement and has the oversight of Student Voice, ensuring that every student has a say in the running of the College. Richard is an Educational Visits Advisor for AET, working closely with Derek Griffiths in ensuring that AET Academies or Schools within the Teaching School Alliance are meeting government requirements when running educational visits and events. Richard is also a member of the Humanities Curriculum Area and teaches History at Thorpe Campus.

Gareth Wicks

Assistant Principal - Post 16

Gareth is responsible for standards & Outcomes at KS3

Gemma Flynn

14-19 Pastoral Director

Richard Ige

11-14 Pastoral Director

Kate Martin


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