Maths Curriculum Intent

At Hamford, we aim to help all children know that Mathematics helps us to understand and change the World and give them the skills and understanding to take an important role within this. We foster positive ‘can do’ attitudes and we promote the fact that ‘We can all do maths!’ We believe all children can achieve in mathematics, and teach to allow all children to become secure. At Hamford, we enable children to have the confidence to become fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics, solve problems and confidently reason mathematically. We promote curiosity through our varied AET curriculum, asking questions such as ‘How can we solve this problem?’ We use mistakes and misconceptions as an essential part of learning and provide challenges to promote this. We want children to feel empowered to use their mathematical fluency to fully develop into independent learners with inquisitive minds who have secure mathematical foundations enabling them to be fully prepared for life in Modern Britain.

Our Curriculum

The mathematics curriculum at Hamford, enables children in Years 1 - 6 to move from new learning to deep understanding. Schematic Progression Maps carefully map the development of key ideas within a unit from Year 1 to 6 ensuring that the learning journey is cohesive and that each new element builds on the appropriate conceptual components.

Each unit within the mathematics curriculum is broken into progressive steps, the level of challenge increasing in order for children to develop a deeper understanding of what is being taught. Lessons create a cohesive learning journey with each new element building on the conceptual component taught during the representation stage.

Maths curriculum map

Maths whole school curriculum overview

Whole school mathscurriculum sequence 2021/2022
Maths Primary progression map

Maths Calculation Policy

Early Years Progression Document

Hamford Maths Calculation Policy 2022
EYFS Progression Map