Geography Curriculum Intent

At Hamford, we want to inspire our children to become curious geographic explorers who develop a conscientious view of the world, and go on to use their skills and knowledge to contribute positively to the world around them. We will raise aspirations and support the children to develop resilience.

Our Curriculum

  • The Geography Curriculum is designed to give pupils a broad and detailed knowledge of people and places from around the world.

  • The knowledge of the curriculum is broken down into these key strands: purposefully blends a focus on place with the exploration of key geographical concepts, drawing on examples at local, national and international level throughout.

  • The knowledge of the curriculum is broken down into seven key strands:

Substantive Knowledge

  • Knowledge of Physical Geography

  • Knowledge of Human Geography

  • Locational and Place Knowledge at three scales: Local, National & Global

Disciplinary Knowledge

  • Understanding places and connections

  • Geographical skills (Map and atlas skills)

  • Fieldwork*

*Includes a focused fieldwork project within each year group

Geography within Early Years links to ‘Understanding the world’. Both the Early Years and Key Stage 1 curriculum is designed to start with children’s immediate locality and gradually move outwards.

In Year 1, they consider in turn: a wider local area, contrasting areas within England, the United Kingdom, a contrasting world place (Antarctica) and then the wider world and its continents, oceans and countries including a detailed study of Australia.

At Key Stage 2 children build on these fundamental ideas to study specific regions and countries in depth from the UK, Europe, the Americas and Asia.

They also learn about big geographical ideas that transcend places including food production, settlement & urbanisation, biomes, latitude, longitude, water & rivers, natural disasters and sustainability & climate change.

Geography curriculum map

Geography whole school curriculum overview

2.Overview- Geography curriculum 2022_2023.docx.pdf
1. Whole School Geography Curriculum 2022-23.docx.pdf