Art Curriculum Intent

At Hamford, we teach our children how to develop into creative artists, keen to explore the world within and around them, to experiment and express themselves. The curriculum, gives our children the opportunity to be involved in, enjoy, understand and appreciate the visual arts and enable them to build the creative skills needed to reach their full potential using the language of art.

Our Curriculum

Our Art and Design curriculum is driven by the four key factors which underpin the direction and development of our curriculum and run through our topics as a backbone to how and what we teach.


We challenge children to form and justify opinions, exploring Art and Design through how and why questions. We build in opportunities, through lessons and sequences of lessons, for children to experiment and follow their own thoughts, being truly creative.


We want our children to know how art and creativity can be both a career, and a lifelong means of expression/source of enjoyment. We want them to engage with art and artists in the local community and beyond, knowing that art is for everyone.


Resilient artists are willing to use a variety of media. They respond to feedback from themselves and others by developing their work, taking risks and creating something new. We will teach our children to be resilient artists by encouraging them to work through this cycle.


The Art curriculum provides meaningful opportunities to link to others within the community, so that children develop as members of that community and can see themselves as artists within it. The curriculum promotes the exploration of other cultures, featuring local and diverse artists.

Art curriculum map

Art whole school curriculum overview

Whole School Art sequence.docx.pdf
Art Whole School Curriculum WITH EYFS.docx (1).pdf