Year 11 Message

Year 11 expectations

  • Breakfast will be served in the Year 11 Canteen from 8am-8-30am.

  • Students must arrive in full school uniform.

  • All students then need to register in their tutor rooms at 8:30am.

  • Once registered, if students have an exam they need to go to the West Hall for their final exam talk.

  • Students who do not have an exam will go to normal lessons.

  • Students will be revising for their upcoming exams in lessons. If courses are complete, then students have the opportunity to revise for other subjects during this time.

  • Exam prep sessions are being run throughout the exam window - this is to give students detailed support before each paper they are about to sit.

  • Students must attend every lesson, unless in an exam or an exam prep session.

  • During Period 6 - students will be given an update about events happening the next day as well as vital messages they will need to be aware of. Therefore it is important that students are present.

Year 11 revision topics for June foundation 2022 exams

Year 11 revision topics for June foundation 2022 exams
Year 11 revision topics June Higher 2022 exams

CCA Student Leadership Team

The Student Leadership Team consists of those students that consistently display our Academy values. They are big hearted, they are unusually brave, they push their limits, and they discover what’s possible through creating and driving their own whole school initiatives. Every member of the Student Leadership Team core aim is to bring about positive change at CCA for the benefit of our whole community.

The journey begins in Key Stage 3 where students can apply to become peer mentors. Peer mentors really utilise their big-heartedness, as they help and support their fellow students in transitioning from KS2, as well as supporting staff with whole school events.

In Key stage 4, all students have the opportunity to apply to become a prefect. Our prefects at CCA consistently meet the Academy’s high expectations and embody everything that is amazing about CCA.

Upon successful application, prefects in year 10 are assigned a key stage 3 year group to support and carry out their duties. They also choose to work in one of the following departments below; in order to develop their leadership, problem solving and creative thinking skills to bring about whole school change for the benefit of our school community.

CCA Events

CCA Student Voice

CCA Well-being

CCA Standards

CCA Environment

In year 11 prefects graduate and become senior prefects and continue to do the amazing job that our prefects do around the academy. At the end of each academic year there is a whole school election where candidates campaign for the two positions of Lead Prefect. Our Lead Prefects are the key faces of the student leadership team, and they are directly supported by the five elected deputy lead prefects, who each are accountable for driving one of the CCA departments.

The opportunity to become part of the CCA Student Leadership Team is a fantastic opportunity for any student at CCA. The experience enriches each member of the team with the right essential skills and qualities to go on and become assets to our local community and beyond.


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