The Executive Team

Stephanie Neill


I am thrilled to have the opportunity to lead CCA and work with such a talented group of students and staff with the support of the governing body. It is a privilege to lead the Academy on the next step of its journey, ensuring that every child is provided with the best opportunities in life through an outstanding education.

Sandy Tate

Assistant Vice Principal, Student Safety and Curriculum Design

Designated Senior Manager for Child Protection

I have been at Clacton Coastal Academy since the inception of the Academy and with the predecessor school I have been here for the last 13 years. Previously to joining the academy I completed a degree in Music and have always wanted to teach. I have worked in the Tendring and Colchester area since 1986. Currently I teach Sociology which I hugely enjoy since the subject enables me to spend time debating with students. I still maintain my links with the music world outside of school.I am passionate about the nurturing of students to attain beyond their best. My role at CCA follows this passion in that I am responsible for ensuring that our students are safe within the academy and that where issues occur they are dealt with quickly and sensitively. A key element of my role is ensuring that students understand how to use e- technology sensibly and responsibly to gain the most out of their education using the most up to date tools and that they know how to report and respond to any concerns they have. I am committed to the inclusion of all students and am proud that CCA has been recognised nationally by IQM as a flagship school for inclusion.

Diane Reed

Assistant Vice Principal – Raising Standards

My role on the Executive Team is to monitor student achievement and identify areas for improvement. I originally trained at Clacton County High School as a Science Teacher and then went on to become an Advanced Skills Teacher. Previous to coming to the Academy I worked for the Stanway Federation in Colchester as an Assistant Head Teacher. I am passionate about seeing students achieve at every level of ability.

Laura Leatherby

Assistant Vice Principal for Key Stage 5 and Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance

My responsibilities are split in two halves: information, advice and guidance and innovation. My role is to ensure that all of our students and their parents are receiving good quality information, advice and guidance throughout their time with the Academy. This includes co-ordinating careers advice, parental events and the CCA website and newsletter. In addition to this, I work closely with the local primary schools to ensure the transition from primary to secondary educations passes as smoothly as possible by organising taster days and open evenings. The innovation part of my role has enabled me to push forwards our drive to embed the latest learning technologies across the academy, including iPads and Chromebooks. I am a Google Certified Teacher after completing the Google Teacher Academy and have also received Google Educator status for successfully passing the online programme of exams.

Joanne Cookson

Assistant Vice Principal for Professional Development

I am an English and Media Studies teacher with 15 years experience. Prior to joining Clacton Coastal Academy, I have held a number of positions including Head of Sixth Form and Senior Assistant Headteacher: Behaviour, Teaching and Learning and CPD. I am excited to be working with all the staff and students at Clacton Coastal Academy to ensure that our students leave our school with the skills, knowledge and experience to succeed in our ever changing world.

Connie Kerr

Business Manager

My key areas of responsibility are: Financial Management and Premises Working to the Principal I advise on these specific areas to ensure that the resources available to CCA are directed towards the continued improvement of CCA to the benefit of all students.