About Us

We are delighted to welcome you to Clacton Coastal Academy. The unrelenting focus by staff on the success, achievement, welfare and happiness of students has created a vibrant ethos and an Academy where students want to come every day.

Our aim is to achieve excellence through a full commitment to raising achievement within a framework of equal opportunities and inclusion has meant that we have developed a unique community ethos which is reflected in our statement of The CCA Way.

Our Vision is that The CCA Way leads to successful employment. We are interested in the lifelong success of our students, not just what they achieve in their years with us. This means we want to ensure they achieve the very best qualifications and have a breadth of experiences so their CV is top of the pile. We develop in them the confidence to speak well in an interview so they present themselves with great pride. Then their experiences of working in groups, learning tolerance, problem solving and overcoming challenges, means that they are successful in their employment.

We are a caring community. Focussed individual feedback, which is essential for academy development, is guaranteed to all students. Our Study Hub provides additional support to students in all year groups should it be required. Our Community Hubs and extensive inclusion team support the pastoral needs of our students.

`It is an outstanding, caring environment for students where high expectations have a huge impact on attainment, progress and wellbeing.`Inclusion Quality Mark 2016

As an Academy we also have the flexibility to be innovative and creative in our approaches to curriculum, teaching and organisation. We aim to open minds and to open doors to new and exciting opportunities for our young people. Our Sixth Form programmes enable all students to stay here for seven years and include qualifications with formal and work based placements. We are at the forefront of curriculum innovation. Oracy is taught as a curriculum subject in Year 7 and 8 to develop confidence in speaking. Our Design, Engineer and Construct qualification is taught through to age 18 and includes work placements in Surveying, Architecture or Project Management. Students have led in the design of a completely new course SMSC, which has been commended by Ofsted and is a highly popular and valued option for our students.

`The provision of spiritual, moral, social and cultural education at the Academy has a huge impact on increasing students' awareness and knowledge of the world and in preparing them for life in modern Britain.` Ofsted Review 2014.

There are countless other opportunities for students to gain in leadership skills at CCA, as we believe that students who are challenged by new and exciting learning experiences and whose personal skills, talents and abilities are extended will be best placed to reach their full potential. We aim to and are successful at developing students with a real sense of believe in what they can do. Our “period 4” is now part of the curriculum where every student has the opportunity to participate in an extracurricular activity during school time.

Our resources for learning are exceptional, we have invested heavily in Information Technology and there are enough devices at the Academy to ensure that all students have access to state of the art technology in all lessons, the use of Google Classroom as a Forum for learning has had significant impact on student attainment. Our learning spaces include playing fields, Gyms and a Sports Hall, Dance and Drama Studios, our student run Restaurant and a Lego Innovation Room. The building is modern, clean, and spacious. Each year group of students have their own Dining Room which adds to their sense of identity as a group.

We have high expectations at CCA as a learning institution, and we are confident that upon visiting the Academy you will agree that we offer the highest quality of teaching and learning from very committed and highly skilled staff. We also provide a safe, secure and inspiring learning environment where your child will be cared for, their self-confidence nurtured and mutual respect developed. In return we have very high expectations of students. Attendance, behaviour, uniform and attitudes to learning are all monitored closely to achieve excellence and we demand the very best from all students.

Clacton Coastal Academy is proud to be part of a wider family of academies with the Academies Enterprise Trust and the opportunities for support, Innovation, collaboration, partnership and excellence that ensures that we fulfil our duty to inspire young people to make their best better.

We look forward to welcoming you to Clacton Coastal Academy.