Discover your remarkable at Clacton Coastal Academy 

Our Remarkable Curriculum 

At the Clacton Coastal Academy we aim to ensure that every child ends up in successful employment. To that end we ensure that our curriculum creates opportunities for students to become independent and self-motivated with the ability to be responsible, determined and aspirational. All students are individuals who develop in different ways and at different rates and the curriculum is designed to meet those individual’s needs and provide appropriate technology, qualifications and experiences to support students into their chosen career pathways.

The curriculum is centred around core concepts which are sequenced in order to support students in every subject. Core concepts form the bones of the subject. These pieces of knowledge or skills unlock further learning. Core concepts are sequenced in such a way that students are supported to secure each essential concept before moving onto the next. These concepts are focused around a knowledge rich curriculum where students learn topics to a high level of depth to help them to tackle mastery of each subject discipline.

We prioritise the development of reading, writing and communication to support students to access new challenges in the curriculum as this is an essential element for success in our local context. Students have dedicated reading lessons, to enhance their reading skills and build a culture of reading. Students read for twenty minutes a day every day. Subject leaders work hard to build vocabulary and increase the number of opportunities for students to read in lessons, with at least one reading focused lesson per half term.

We recognise our young people as individuals, offering support and challenges to empower them to achieve their aspirations with a high standard of lesson content. Where students need further support they are provided with opportunities within our Remarkable Futures programme (which provides intensive support to students at risk of disengaging with education) or our Transition Curriculum (which provides an enhanced curriculum to accelerate the progress of students who join CCA with significant gaps in their learning).

Additionally, there are a variety of enrichment activities to enhance our curriculum that mainly take place during our Wednesday enrichment afternoons. Year 11 and the Sixth form have allocated intervention times and a study hub to support their revision as they build up to their public examinations.

CCA is committed to providing all of our students with a broad and balanced curriculum. It is our belief that this large discipline of all subjects helps our students to receive a strong traditional academic education, while also having time to find expression in the creative subject areas

Enrichment and Trips

Enrichment is a wonderful way to offer more out of classroom experience for our students across the year groups. We have devised a broad range of exciting and rewarding activities that will open doors to your child to promote building and nurturing their personal development in a variety of areas including; team working, self reliance, confidence building and problem solving. The activities are designed to add an additional layer of learning to each CCA students offer in a fun and engaging way that they decide what to participate in. 

Each year group across the Academy will have alternative focus, year 7 will be based on personal development, year 9 and 10 will be accredited courses and year 11 will be intervention based to support our learners achieve the best results in their outcomes.

Our sixth form learners will be deployed into the other activities to support and gain leadership experience whilst developing their own skills in the areas previously mentioned. 

The full range of activities are listed throughout this booklet some of the activities will need some financial support from parents and carers. The Academy is funding each activity to ensure all students have the opportunity to participate and enjoy a new experience, however some carry a greater cost that will require additional input from home. 

In addition to the wide range of activities I would like to launch the Clacton Coastal Academy Combined Cadet Force (CCF) this is a new venture at CCA and it is a fantastic opportunity for our learners in year 8 and 9 to join a school based activity that promotes personal development and enhances the characteristics of all participants. This is a joint run project with the Academy and the Armed Forces. There will be an introduction assembly by the Army to introduce the CCF officially into CCA and it will be a hugely rewarding experience for all participants. 


Academies Enterprise Trust is the admissions authority for Clacton Coastal Academy. AET Admissions Guidance is available here.

Applications for places at the academy will be made in accordance with Essex Local Authority’s co-ordinated admission arrangements. They will be made on the Common Application Form and administered by the the applicant’s home Local Authority. 

Clacton Coastal Academy has an agreed admission number of 210 pupils. Clacton Coastal Academy will accordingly admit at least 30 pupils in the relevant age group each year if sufficient applications are received. Clacton Coastal Academy will participate in Essex LA’s In Year Fair Access Protocol.

Please click below to download the admissions arrangements for each year. 

Key Dates 

31 Oct 2022: Final date for applications

1 Mar 2023: Offers of a school place sent to parents and carers, including offers from other Local Authorities and own authority schools

By 15 Mar 2023: Parents and carers must respond to the offer of a school place

Full application timetable available on the local authority website

How to Apply

Applications should be submitted via your Local Authority. For more information and to apply click on the button below

If you have any queries, please contact school office on 01255 428131,  or via the form below