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Virtual Learning Instructions for Year 8 and 10

Virtual learning will start on Monday, so students will need to use today to check they are ready and can access all the resources they will need. Here is their 'to-do' list:

1. Check you can access your Google account. Please email ITSupport@clactoncoastalacademy.org if you have any questions.

2. Complete the Google form from yesterday's assembly if you haven't already done so. The link is on the student hub.

3. Check your Google Calendar. This will have all of your lessons on it so you know what you need to do next week:

  • Your first lesson will be at 8:40. You do not need to log on for AM tutor time.

  • You will then participate in all lessons EXCEPT:

    • PSHE

    • PE

    • Period 6/tutor time

  • During these times, you can engage in other activities to promote wellbeing. E.g. reading, exercise and hobbies.

4. Check your Google Classroom. Some teachers may have already set work for you or you may have homework you can be getting on with to keep you busy.

5. Check you can access the Student Hub. The link can be found here: https://sites.google.com/clactoncoastalacademy.org/remote-learning-student-hub/home.

If you have been allocated a device, your parent/guardian will have received a text message with your collection time. Devices will be collected from the East Hall and you must bring the signed form in order to be issued with any equipment. Your device will need to be connected to the internet and left for about 30 minutes to activate it before it can be used.

Please check that you have completed all of the above before asking questions. Technical queries about passwords and devices must be sent to ITSupport@clactoncoastalacademy.org.

***Please click here to complete the 'Every Child Check-In' survey***

CCA welcomes CMO Professor Chris Whitty and our CEO Julian Drinkall.

It was an absolute pleasure to welcome the CMO Professor Chris Whitty and our CEO Julian Drinkall to Clacton Coastal Academy today. To round off a fantastic first week back and to talk about Coastal Towns and the challenges and opportunities they present.

The show as always was stolen by our wonderful students. Well done to Alexia, Harry, Shamil, Katie-Jayne, Lucy & Libby in Year 8.

David Lees


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