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Weekly Roundup

Virtual Learning Remarkable Rewards

Virtual Learning Remarkable Rewards.m4v

Virtual learning will start on Tuesday 5th January, so you need to use Monday 4th January to check you are ready and can access all the resources you will need. Here is your 'to-do' list:

1. Check you can access your Google account. Please email ITSupport@clactoncoastalacademy.org if you have any questions.

2. Check the Student Virtual Learning Hub if there is anything you are uncertain about. The link can be found here.

3. Check your Google Calendar. There is a video on the Student Virtual Learning Hub if you don't know how to do this. This will have all of your lessons on it so you know what you need to do next week:

  • Your first lesson will be at 8:40. You do not need to log on for AM tutor time.

  • You will then participate in all lessons EXCEPT:

    • PE

    • Period 6/tutor time

  • During these times, you can engage in other activities to promote wellbeing. E.g. reading, exercise and hobbies.

4. Check your Google Classroom. Some teachers may have already set work for you or you may have homework you can be getting on with to keep you busy. You should already be in Google Classrooms for all of your lessons. Please email ITSupport@clactoncoastalacademy.org if any are missing.

5. If you have been allocated a device, your parent/guardian will have received a letter via text with your collection slot. Devices will be collected from the Staff Room and you must bring the signed form in order to be issued with any equipment.

Please check that you have completed all of the above before asking questions. Technical queries about passwords and devices must be sent to ITSupport@clactoncoastalacademy.org.

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